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2/16 or 3/24

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Q: What fraction is equivalent to one eighth?
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What is the equivalent percentage for the fraction three eighth?


How do you write one eighth as a fraction?

One eighth as a fraction is 1/8

What is eight eighth equivalent to?

The equivalent fraction to 8/8 is any fraction whose numerator is the same as its denominator.

What is an equivalent fraction for four eighth?

4/8 = 40/80

What fraction is 3 x one eighth?

Three times one eighth is three eighths.

What fraction of ten is one and a quarter?

It is an eighth.

What fraction of 32 is 4?

one eighth

What is one eighth times one eighth?

1/8 * 1/8= 1/64 in fraction

What fraction is equivalent to twelveth forty eighth?

12/48 = 1/4 in its simplest terms

One half of one fourth equals what fraction?

one eighth

What fraction is equal to one half of one-fourth?

one eighth

What decimal is equivalent to one-eighth?

To determine the decimal for any given fraction all you need to do is simply divide the numerator by the denominator. For this fraction (1/8) you divide 1 by 8 to get 0.125