What is eight eighth equivalent to?

Updated: 5/23/2022
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The equivalent fraction to 8/8 is any fraction whose numerator is the same as its denominator.

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Q: What is eight eighth equivalent to?
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Is 0.000625 equivalent to five eighth?

No. It is equivalent to 1/1000 of five-eighth. 0.625 is equivalent to five eighth.

Is 1 eighth is equivalent to eight fourths?

No. 1/8 = .125, 8/4 = 2; 2 does not equal .125

What does twenty eight and a half take away three eighth equal?

Twenty-eight and one eighth.

How many eighth's in a pound?

eight of them.

What is one eighth of eight?


What is a eighth of forty eight?


What is nine and three eighth minus eight and seven eighth?

the answer is 1/8

Which is correct eight and eighth are sixteen or eight and eight is sixteen?

8 + 8 is SIXTEEN.

What is an eighth in percentages?

eight in percentage = 800%

What is one-eighth of forty-eight?


Is one eighth larger than two eighth?

If you're talking about Two over eight is bigger than one over eight.