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Figure the LCM.

The LCM is 6.

1/2 = 3/6

2/3 = 4/6

2/3 is larger.

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Q: What fraction is larger 1 2 or 2 3?
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What fraction is more than 1?

Any fraction where the numerator is larger than the denominator (improper fraction.) 3/2 can also be written as 1 1/2.

How do you write a inproper fraction?

An improper fraction is a fraction where the top number, numerator, is larger than the bottom, denominator.1 2/3= 5/3

What is larger one seventh or one eighth?

One seventh is larger than one eighth. The smaller the number under a 1 in a fraction, the larger that fraction is. Think 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and you'll see the size of the fraction increasing; the numbers are becoming larger.

Is two fifths an equivalent fraction of one third?

No. If you convert both to 15ths, 2/5 is 6/15, while 1/3 is 5/15. So 2/5 is larger. Another way to tell which fraction is larger is to cross-multiply. The fraction with the numerator which gives the larger product when multiplied by the other denominator is the larger one. So if you multiply the 2 from 2/5 with the 3 from 1/3, you get 6. If you multiply the 1 from 1/3 with the 5 from 2/5, you get five. So 6 is larger than 5, meaning that 2/5 is larger.

Why is the larger fraction 3 over 5 or 2 over 3?


If you compare two fraction with the same denominator the fraction with the greater numerator is greater true or false?

Yes. For example, 2/3 is greater than 1/3. After reducing to the GCD, the fraction with the larger numerator is the larger number.

What fraction is larger than 2 over 7?

The answer includes an infinite number of fractions, but the simple way to get a larger fraction is to increase the size of the numerator, or decrease the size of the denominator, so 3/7 is larger than 2/7, and 2/6 (which reduces to 1/3) is larger than 2/7.

What is an improper fraction for 1 and 1 half?

3/2improper fraction for 1 and 1 half = 3/21 1/2:= [(2 * 1)+1]/2= [2+1]/2= 3/2 in improper fraction1 and a half as a improper fraction = 3/211/2:= [(2 * 1)+1]/2= [2+1]/2= 3/2 in improper fraction

Which fraction is larger 1 half or 1 over 3?

One half. Put them into like denominators and you will see (1/2)* 3/3 = 3/6 vs (1/3)* 2/2 = 2/6. Three sixths is large than two sixths therefore one half is larger

Is the fraction 2-3 larger than 9-12?


When you have a numerator from a fraction that is a negative and a numerator of a fraction that is positive is your answer negative or positive?

It depends on what you are doing with the fractions. Assuming that the entire fraction is the same sign as its numerator, if multiplied or divided, the answer would be negative. If the fraction is being added, it would depend upon which fraction is larger. The larger fraction will transfer its sign to the answer. When subtracted, it depends on which fraction is negative. Examples of multiplication: (1/2)x(-1/4)= -1/8 Division: (1/2)/(-1/4)= -2 Addition: (1/2)+(-1/4)= 1/4 Subtraction Ex. 1: (1/2)-(-1/4)= 3/4 Subtraction Ex. 2: (-1/2)-(1/4)= -3/4 Hope this helps you out.

Fraction of a fraction?

fraction of a fraction means fraction times fraction. Note: of in Math means multiply Example: 1/2 of 1/3 = 1/2 x 1/3 = 1/6

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