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Q: What gives you minarals?
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How are vitamins and minarals are similar an different?

vitamins give vitamin b and minarals give strong bones

Are there rocks with simerlar propiteis of minarals?


Are minarals organic?

generally inorganic

What are soil make ups?


What minarals are found in marble rock?


Who studies minarals?

Geologists study minerals

Does minarals provide us with energy?

yes they do

What fruits have most vitamins and minarals?


How do you make minarals on alchemy classic?

Earth + Hydrothermal vein

What foods have minarals in them?

All foods have minerals. Which ones and how much is what varies.

Who studies rocks and minarals?

A Geologist.

Why are poopflakes good?

They are really pudding mixied with water and two minarals of poop.