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its gets cold

Actually the ice gets warmer. Its the water that gets cold.

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The water loses heat and the ice melts.

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Q: What happens when ice is added to water?
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What process happens to ice when water is added?

it dissolves

What happens to the water temperature and water state as dry ice is added?

The temperature decrease and water can be transformed in ice.

What happens to ice cubes if salt water is added?

It melts slowly.

What happens if energy is added to or remove from a glass of water?

If a sufficient amount of energy is added to a glass of ice water, the ice will melt, and if a sufficient amount of energy is removed, the water will freeze solid.

What is the scientific process that happens to floating ice cubes after they are added to water?

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What happens if energy is added or taken away from a glass of ice water?

That depends on how much energy, but simply:added, more ice melts to water - if enough is added all the ice will melt and the temperature risestaken away, more water freezes to ice - if enough is taken away all the water wii freeze and the temperature will dropAs long as there is both ice and water the temperature will hold constant.

What happens when warm water is poured into a beaker of ice cubes?

When warm water is added to coll water, the temperature of the combined fluid is warmer than that of the cool water and cooler than that of the warm water.

What happens to the melting point of water when salt is added to it?

When salt is added to ice, the melting point goes up, causing the ice to melt faster. That's why is cities where ice frequently is one sidewalks in winter, people shovel salt onto the sidewalk.

What happens when water is added to albumin?


What happens to a glass filled half way with water and then ice cubes are added?

First thing that will happen is the water will rise depending on the amount of ice cubes put in. As the water gets colder, the ice cubes will start to melt turning into water.

What happens if energy is added or removed from a glass of ice water?

for a liquid to freeze , the attraction between the particles must overcome the motion of the particles.

What happens when heat is added to something?

Then it will either get hotter, or change its phase (for example, ice at zero degrees will convert to water, also at zero degrees).