What has eleven sides?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hendecagon or undecagon

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Q: What has eleven sides?
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What do you call a shapes that has eleven sides?

a shape with eleven sides is called a undecagon

What shape has eleven sides?

An eleven sided shape is called a hendecagon.

What is a shape with eleven sides?

a heptagon is a shape with 11 sides!

How many sides the hendecagon have?

The hendecagon is a polygon with eleven sides.

How many sides do eleven pentagons have?

There are 11 times 5 = 55 sides in 11 pentagons.

What polygon has eleven sides?

It is a hendecagon.

How many sides does eleven have?


How many sides does a Hendecagram have?


How many sides does a loonie have?


What is the name of the polygon that has 11 sides?

It is called Enneagon for eleven sides.

How many parallel sides are there in a regular polygon with eleven sides?


What is the Name of eleven side polygon?

A hendecagon or an undecagon is the name of a polygon which has eleven sides.