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Q: What if your words are wise Arjuna but your sorrow is for nothing The truly wise mourn neither for the living nor for the dead There never was a time when I did not exist nor you nor any of these king?
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What is odd one out underground failure sorrow fame?

the answer is failure, the others are all songs by David Bowie.

What are some non examples of concrete noun?

The alternative to concrete nouns is abstract nouns. Examples of abstract nouns are: ability, beauty, curiosity, drama, ego, fun, government, hope, idea, joy, knowledge, lesson, memory, need, opinion, question, romance, sorrow, trouble, urge, valor, wisdom, year, zeal. Examples of concrete nouns are: acorn, baby, chair, diamond, egg, fudge, grass, house, ice, juice, kangaroo, lamp, mountain, nickel, oxygen, person, quilt, rust, star, turtle, umbrella, violet, wind, yeast, zebra.

What is the summary of my mother at sixty six?

This poem revolves around the theame of advancing age and the fear adheared to it of loss and separation. The poet is on the way to airport in Cochin ,when she is stuck by the realization of the advancing age of her mother.It is very difficult for her to accept that her mother is creeping into the grips of old age.When she looks at her mother sitting by her side ,she notices her corpse like ashen face which reminds her of her aproaching death.She is pale and worn out. The green trees racing past the speeding car are grim reminders of time which has passed.The joyous children playing outside give her some respite a she is lost in her thoughts of old age.The children represent old youth,energy and life.she is probably driven back to the days of her idyllic youth when the mother had been young.Now she was encircled in the fear of losing her,this made her feel insecure.She had this feeling when ever she looked at her mother as she had lost the blush of youth and middle age and now in her twiligh years had become as pale as the winter moon. She is happy to see her mother is still breathing.But she is beset with sorrow and insecurity as she departs at the airport bidding goodbye to her mother and trying to hide her fears by smiling as she looked at her.

How many 3 letter combinations can be made using the English alphabet?

AAH to exclaim in delightAAL East Indian shrubAAS [AA] (rough, cindery lava)ABA sleeveless garmentABO aborigine {offensive}ABS [ab] (abdominal muscle) {OSPD3}ABY to pay the penalty for (abye)ACE to make a perfect shotACT to perform by actionADD to perform additionADO bustleADS [ad] (advertisement)ADZ cutting tool (adze)AFF offAFT toward the sternAGA Turkish military officerAGE to grow oldAGO in the pastAGS [ag] (agriculture) {OSPD4}AHA intj. expressing sudden realizationAHI tuna {OSPD4}AHS [ah] (to exclaim in amazement) {OSPD4}AID to helpAIL to suffer painAIM to point in a directionAIN Hebrew letter (ayin)AIR to broadcastAIS [ai] (three-toed sloth)AIT small islandALA wingALB long-sleeved vestmentALE alcoholic beverageALL everything one hasALP high mountainALS [al] (East Indian tree)ALT high-pitched noteAMA Oriental nurse (amah)AMI friendAMP unit of electric current strength (ampere)AMU atomic mass unitANA collection of information on a subjectAND added conditionANE oneANI tropical American black cuckooANT small insectANY one or anotherAPE to mimicAPO type of protein {OSPD4}APP computer program (application) {OSPD4}APT appropriateARB stock traderARC to travel a curved courseARE unit of surface measure/conj. of beARF dog's barkARK large boatARM to supply with weaponsARS [ar] (letter 'r')ART skill acquired by experienceASH tree/to burn into ashesASK to questionASP venemous snakeASS donkeyATE reckless impulse driving one to ruinATT Laotian monetary unit {OSPD3}AUK diving seabirdAVA at allAVE expression of greetingAVO monetary unit of MacauAWA awayAWE to inspire with aweAWL pointed punching toolAWN bristlelike appendage of certain grassesAXE to cut with an axeAYE affirmative voteAYS [ay] (affirmative vote)AZO containing nitrogenBAA [baa] (to bleat)BAD something badBAG to put into a bagBAH intj. expressing disgustBAL type of shoe (balmoral)BAM to strike with a dull soundBAN to prohibit/Rumanian coinBAP small roll {OSPD3}BAR to excludeBAS [ba] (eternal soul in Egyptian mythology)BAT to hit a baseballBAY to howlBED to provide with a bedBEE winged insectBEG to pleadBEL unit of powerBEN inner roomBES Hebrew letter (Beth) {OSPD4}BET to wagerBEY Turkish rulerBIB to drink alcoholBID to make a bidBIG largeBIN to store in a binBIO biographyBIS [bi] (bisexual)BIT to restrain with a bitBIZ businessBOA large snakeBOB to move up and downBOD bodyBOG to impedeBOO to derideBOP to hitBOS [bo] (pal)BOT botfly larvaBOW to bend forward at the waistBOX to put into a boxBOY male childBRA brassiereBRO brother {OSPD3}BRR intj. used to indicate coldness (brrr)BUB young fellowBUD to grow budsBUG to annoyBUM to live idlyBUN small bread rollBUR to remove a rough edge from (burr)BUS to transport by busBUT flatfishBUY to purchaseBYE free advance to next tournament roundBYS [by] (side issue)CAB to drive a taxiCAD ungentlemanly manCAM rotating machine partCAN to be able/to put into a canCAP to put a cover ontoCAR automobileCAT to anchor to a catheadCAW to caw like a crowCAY small low islandCEE letter 'c'CEL drawn frame of animation {OSPD3}CEP large mushroom (cepe)CHI Greek letterCIG cigarette {OSPD4}CIS having certain atoms on same side of moleculeCOB corncobCOD to foolCOG to cheat at diceCOL depression between two mountainsCON to swindleCOO to make the sound of a doveCOP to stealCOR intj. expressing surpriseCOS lettuce varietyCOT lightweight bedCOW to intimidateCOX to direct a racing boat (coxswain)COY shy/to caressCOZ cousinCRU French wine classification {OSPD4}CRY to weepCUB young of certain animalsCUD food portion to be chewed againCUE to signal a startCUM together withCUP to place into a cupCUR mongrel dogCUT to make an incisionCWM circular basin with steep walls (cirque)DAB to touch lightlyDAD fatherDAG hanging shredDAH dash in Morse codeDAK transportion by relayDAL lentil dishDAM to build a damDAN skill level in martial arts {OSPD4}DAP to dip into waterDAW to dawnDAY 24 hoursDEB debutanteDEE letter 'd'DEF excellent {OSPD4}DEL differential calculus operatorDEN to live in a lairDEV Hindu god (deva)DEW to wet with dewDEX sulfate used as stimulantDEY former North African rulerDIB to fishDID [do-conj] (to execute)DIE to cease living/to make a dieDIF difference {OSPD4}DIG to scoop earth from the groundDIM obscure/to make obscureDIN to make a loud noiseDIP to immerse brieflyDIS to disrespect {OSPD3}DIT dot in Morse codeDOC doctorDOE female deerDOG to follow after like a dogDOL unit of pain intensityDOM title given to certain monksDON to put onDOR black European beetleDOS [do] (first tone of diatonic musical scale)DOT to cover with dotsDOW to prosperDRY having no moisture/prohibitionist/to make dry DUB to confer knighthood uponDUD bomb that fails to explodeDUE something owedDUG teat, udderDUH intj. expressing patent obviousness of a preceding statement {OSPD4}DUI [duo-pl] (instrumental duet)DUN of a dull brown color/to demand paymentDUO instrumental duetDUP to openDYE to colorEAR hearing organEAT to consumeEAU waterEBB to recedeECU old French coinEDH Old English letterEDS [ed] (education) {OSPD4}EEK intj. expressing fright {OSPD4}EEL snakelike fishEFF letter 'f' (ef)EFS [ef] (letter 'f')EFT newtEGG to throw eggs atEGO conscious selfEKE to get with great difficultyELD old ageELF small, often mischievous fairyELK large deerELL letter 'l'ELM deciduous treeELS [el] (letter 'l')EME uncleEMF electromotive force {OSPD3}EMS [em] (printer's measurement)EMU large, flightless birdEND to terminateENG phonetic symbolENS entityEON long period of time (aeon)ERA chronological period (epoch)ERE previous to; beforeERG unit of work or energyERN erneERR to make a mistakeERS European climbing plant (ervil)ESS letter 's' (es)ETA Greek letterETH Old English letter (edh)EVE eveningEWE female sheepEYE organ of sight/to watch closelyFAB fabulous/something fabricated {OSPD4}FAD passing fancyFAG to make weary by hard workFAN to use a fan to coolFAR at or to a great distanceFAS [fa] (fourth tone of diatonic musical scale)FAT obese/to make fatFAX to reproduce by electronic meansFAY to join closelyFED federal agentFEE to pay a fee toFEH Hebrew letter (pe)FEM passive homosexualFEN marshFER forFES [fe] (Hebrew letter-feh) {OSPD4}FET to fetchFEU to grant land to under Scottish feudal lawFEW amounting to or consisting of a small numberFEY crazyFEZ brimless cap worn by men in the Near EastFIB to tell a white lieFID topmast support barFIE intj. expressing disapprovalFIG to adornFIL coin of Iraq, JordanFIN to equip with finsFIR evergreen treeFIT healthy/to be suitable forFIX to repairFIZ hissing or sputtering soundFLU virus diseaseFLY clever/to hit a ball high into the air in baseball/to move through the airFOB to deceiveFOE enemyFOG to cover with fogFOH intj. faughFON warm, dry wind (foehn)FOP to deceiveFOR directed or sent toFOU drunkFOX to outwitFOY farewell feast or giftFRO awayFRY to cook over direct heat in hot fat or oilFUB to fobFUD old-fashioned personFUG to make stuffyFUN to act playfullyFUR to cover with furGAB to chatterGAD to roam about restlesslyGAE to goGAG to prevent from talkingGAL girlGAM to visit sociallyGAN [gin-conj] (to begin)GAP to make an opening inGAR to compelGAS to supply with gasGAT pistolGAY merry/homosexualGED food fishGEE to turn rightGEL to become like jellyGEM to adorn with gemstonesGEN knowledge obtained by investigation {OSPD3}GET to obtainGEY veryGHI liquid butter made in India (ghee)GIB to fasten with a wedgeGID disease of sheepGIE to giveGIG to catch fish with a pronged spearGIN to begin/to remove seeds from cottonGIP to gypGIT intj. used as an order of dismissalGNU large antelopeGOA Asian gazelleGOB to fill a pit with wasteGOD to treat as a god (a supernatural being)GOO slimy stuffGOR intj. used as a mild oathGOS [go] (Japanese board game) {OSPD4}GOT [get-conj] (to obtain)GOX gaseous oxygenGOY non-Jewish personGUL design in oriental carpetsGUM to chew without teethGUN to shoot with a gunGUT to remove the guts ofGUV governorGUY to ridiculeGYM large room for sports activitiesGYP to swindleHAD [have-conj] (to possess)HAE to haveHAG to hackHAH haHAJ pilgrimage to Mecca (hadj)HAM to overactHAO Vietnamese monetary unitHAP to happenHAS [ha] (sound expressing triumph)HAT to provide with a hatHAW to turn leftHAY to make into hayHEH Hebrew letter (heth)HEM to add an edge toHEN female chickenHEP hipHER objective or possessive case of the pronoun sheHES [he] (male person)HET Hebrew letter (heth)HEW to cut with an axHEX to cast an evil spell uponHEY intj. used to attract attentionHIC intj. used to represent a hiccupHID [hide-conj] (to conceal)HIE to hurryHIM objective case of the pronoun heHIN Hebrew unit of liquid measureHIP aware of the most current styles and trends/to build a type of roofHIS possessive form of the pronoun heHIT to strikeHMM intj. expressing thoughtHOB to provide with hobnailsHOD portable troughHOE to use a hoeHOG to take more than one's shareHON honeybunHOP to move by jumping on one footHOT having a high temperature/to heatHOW method of doing somethingHOY heavy bargeHUB center of a wheelHUE colorHUG to grasp with both armsHUH intj. expressing surpriseHUM to sing without wordsHUN barbarianHUP intj. used to mark a marching cadenceHUT to live in a hutHYP hypochondriaICE to cover with iceICH fish diseaseICK intj. expressing distasteICY covered with iceIDS [id] (part of psyche)IFF if and only if {OSPD3}IFS [if] (possible condition)IGG to ignore {OSPD4}ILK kindILL evilIMP to graft feathers onto a bird's wingINK to apply ink toINN to house at an innINS [in] (influence)ION electrically charged atomIRE to angerIRK to annoyISM doctrineITS possessive form of [it]IVY climbing vineJAB to pokeJAG to cut unevenlyJAM to force together tightlyJAR to cause to shakeJAW to jabberJAY corvine birdJEE to turn right (gee)JET to fly in a jetJEU gameJEW to bargain with {offensive}JIB to refuse to proceed furtherJIG to bobJIN Muslim supernatural being (jinn)JOB to work by the pieceJOE fellowJOG to run slowlyJOT to write down quicklyJOW to tollJOY to rejoiceJUG to put into a jugJUN coin of North KoreaJUS legal rightJUT to protrudeKAB ancient Hebrew unit of measureKAE crow-like birdKAF Hebrew letter (kaph)KAS large cupboard/pl. of kaKAT evergreen shrubKAY letter 'k'KEA parrotKEF marijuanaKEG small barrelKEN to knowKEP to catchKEX dry, hollow stalkKEY to provide with a keyKHI Greek letter (chi)KID to teaseKIF marijuana (kef)KIN group of related peopleKIP to sleepKIR alcoholic beverageKIS [ki] (vital life-sustaining energy force) {OSPD4}KIT to equipKOA timber treeKOB reddish brown antelopeKOI large Japanese carp {OSPD3}KOP hillKOR Hebrew unit of measureKOS land measure in IndiaKUE letter 'q'KYE private Korean-American banking club {OSPD4}LAB laboratoryLAC resinous substance secreted by insectsLAD boyLAG to fall behindLAM to fleeLAP to drink with the tongueLAR Roman tutelary godLAS [la] (sixth tone of diatonic musical scale)LAT former Latvian monetary unitLAV lavatoryLAW to sueLAX not strict or stringentLAY to placeLEA meadowLED [lead-conj] (to show the way)LEE shelter from the windLEG to walk hurriedlyLEI flower necklaceLEK Albanian monetary unitLET to rentLEU monetary unit of RumaniaLEV Bulgarian monetary unitLEX lawLEY leaLEZ lesbianLIB liberationLID to provide with a lidLIE to become horizontal/to tell untruthsLIN waterfall (linn)LIP to touch with the lipsLIS [li] (Chinese unit of distance)LIT [light] (to illuminate)/former Lithuanian monetary unit (litas)LOB to throw in a high arcLOG to cut down trees for timberLOO to subject to a forfeit at the card game looLOP to chop offLOT to distribute proportionatelyLOW close to the ground/to make the sound of cattleLOX to supply with lox (liquid oxygen)LUG to pull with effortLUM chimneyLUV sweetheartLUX unit of illuminationLYE solution used to make soapMAC raincoatMAD insane/to maddenMAE moreMAG magazineMAN adult human male/to supply with menMAP to draw a mapMAR to destroy the perfection ofMAS [ma] (mother)MAT to pack into a dense massMAW to mowMAX maximum {OSPD3}MAY to have permission/to gather flowers during SpringMED medicalMEG megabyte {OSPD4}MEL honeyMEM Hebrew letterMEN [man] (adult human male)MET [meet-conj] (to make the acquaintance of)MEW to meowMHO unit of electrical conductanceMIB playing marbleMIC microphone {OSPD4}MID middleMIG playing marbleMIL unit of lengthMIM primly demureMIR Russian peasant communeMIS [mi] (third tone of diatonic musical scale)MIX to combineMOA extinct flightless birdMOB to crowd aboutMOC soft leather heelless shoe (moccasin) {OSPD3}MOD one who wears boldly stylish clothesMOG to move awayMOL unit of quantity in chemistry (mole)MOM motherMON manMOO to make the sound of a cowMOP to wipe with a mopMOR forest humusMOS [mo] (moment)MOT witty sayingMOW to cut down grassMUD to cover with mudMUG to assault with intent to robMUM to act in disguiseMUN manMUS [mu] (Greek letter)MUT muttMYC gene that regulates other genes {OSPD4}NAB to captureNAE no; notNAG to find fault incessantlyNAH noNAM [nim-conj] (to steal)NAN Indian flat round leavened bread {OSPD3}NAP to sleep brieflyNAW noNAY negative voteNEB bird beakNEE born with the name ofNEG photographic negative {OSPD4}NET to catch in a netNEW existing only a short time/something that is newNIB to provide with a penpointNIL nothingNIM to stealNIP to bite quicklyNIT insect eggNIX to veto/water spriteNOB wealthy personNOD to move the head downwardNOG strong ale/to fill space with bricksNOH classical drama of JapanNOM nameNOO nowNOR and notNOS [no] (negative reply)NOT in no wayNOW present timeNTH pert. to item number nNUB protuberanceNUN woman belonging to a religious orderNUS [nu] (Greek letter)NUT to gather nutsOAF clumsy personOAK hardwood treeOAR to row with oarsOAT cereal grassOBA hereditary African chief {OSPD4}OBE African sorcery (obeah)OBI African sorcery (obeah)OCA South American herbODA harem room {OSPD4}ODD one that is odd/unusualODE lyric poemODS [od] (hypothetical force of natural power)OES [oe] (Faroean wind)OFF to killOFT oftenOHM unit of electrical resistanceOHO intj. expressing surpriseOHS [oh] (to exclaim "oh")OIL to supply with oilOKA Turkish unit of weightOKE Turkish unit of weight (oka)OLD individual of a specified age/living or existing for a relatively long time OLE shout of approvalOMS [om] (mantra used in meditation)ONE number 1ONO large mackerel {OSPD4}ONS [on] (side of wicket in cricket)OOH to exclaim in amazementOOT outOPE to openOPS [op] (style of abstract art)OPT to chooseORA [OS-pl] (orifice)ORB to form into a sphereORC marine mammal (orca)ORE mineral or rock containing valuable metalORS [or] (heraldic color gold)ORT table scrapOSE ridge of sand (esker)OUD stringed instrument of northern AfricaOUR belonging to usOUT to be revealedOVA [ovum-pl] (female reproductive cell)OWE to be under obligation to payOWL nocturnal birdOWN to possessOXO containing oxygenOXY containing oxygenPAC shoe patterned after a moccasinPAD to line with paddingPAH intj. used as an exclamation of disgustPAL to hang around with as friendsPAM jack of clubsPAN to criticize harshlyPAP soft food for infantsPAR to shoot par on a holePAS [pa] (father)PAT to touch lightlyPAW to scrape at with a pawPAX ceremonial embrace given to signify Christian love and unityPAY to give money in order to buy somethingPEA edible seed of an annual herbPEC pectoral muscle {OSPD3}PED natural soil aggregatePEE to urinate {offensive}PEG to nail (a wooden pin)PEH Hebrew letter (pe)PEN to writePEP to fill with energyPER for eachPES foot/pl. of pe (Hebrew letter)PET to caress with the handPEW bench for seating people in churchPHI Greek letterPHT intj. used as an expression of mild anger or annoyancePIA brain membranePIC photographPIE to piPIG to bear pigs (cloven-hoofed mammals)PIN to fasten with a pinPIP to break through the shell of an eggPIS [pi] (Greek letter)PIT to mark with cavities or depressionsPIU more used as a musical directionPIX container for the Eucharist (pyx)PLY to supply with or offer repeatedlyPOD to produce seed vesselsPOH intj. expressing disgustPOI Hawaiian foodPOL politicianPOM English immigrant in Australia {offensive}POP to make a sharp, explosive soundPOT to put into a potPOW explosive soundPOX to infect with syphilisPRO argument or vote in favor of somethingPRY to inquire impertinently into private mattersPSI Greek letterPST intj. used to attract attention (psst) {OSPD4}PUB tavernPUD puddingPUG to fill in with clay or mortarPUL coin of AfghanistanPUN to make a pun (a play on words)PUP to give birth to puppiesPUR to purrPUS viscous fluid formed in infected tissuePUT to place in a particular positionPYA copper coin of BurmaPYE book of ecclesiastical rules in the pre reformation English churchPYX container for the EucharistQAT evergreen shrub (kat)QIS [qi] (vital life-sustaining energy force) {OSPD4}QUA in the capacity ofRAD to fearRAG to scoldRAH intj. used to cheer on a team or playerRAI style of popular Algerian music {OSPD4}RAJ dominion; sovereigntyRAM to strike with great forceRAN [run-conj] (to move by rapid steps)RAP to strike sharplyRAS Ethiopian princeRAT to hunt rats (long-tailed rodents)RAW uncooked/sore or irritated spotRAX to stretch outRAY to emit raysREB Confederate soldierREC recreationRED of the color red/to put into orderREE female Eurasian sandpiperREF to refereeREG regulationREI erroneous form of former Portuguese coinREM quantity of ionizing radiationREP cross-ribbed fabricRES thing or matterRET to soak in order to loosen the fiber from the woody tissueREV to increase the speed ofREX animal with a single wavy layer of hair/kingRHO Greek letterRIA long, narrow inletRIB to poke fun atRID to free from something objectionableRIF to lay off from employmentRIG to put in proper condition for useRIM to provide with a rim (an outer edge)RIN to run or meltRIP to tear or cut apart roughlyROB to take property from illegallyROC lengendary bird of preyROD to provide with a rodROE mass of eggs within a female fishROM male gypsyROT to decomposeROW to propel by means of oarsRUB to move along the surface of a body with pressureRUE to feel sorrow or remorse forRUG to tear roughlyRUM alcoholic liquor/oddRUN to move by rapid stepsRUT to make ruts (grooves) inRYA Scandinavian handwoven rugRYE cereal grassSAB to sobSAC pouchlike structure in an animal or plantSAD unhappySAE soSAG to bend or sink downward from weight or pressureSAL saltSAP to weaken graduallySAT [sit-conj] (to rest on the buttocks)SAU xuSAW to cut or divide with a sawSAX saxophoneSAY to utterSEA oceanSEC secantSEE to perceive with the eyesSEG advocate of racial segregationSEI large whale (rorqual)SEL selfSEN monetary unit of JapanSER unit of weight of IndiaSET to put in a particular positionSEW to mend or fasten with a needle and threadSEX to determine the sex ofSHA intj. used to urge silence (shh)SHE female personSHH intj. used to urge silenceSHY timid/to move suddenly back in fearSIB siblingSIC to urge to attackSIM simulationSIN to commit a sinSIP to drink in small quantitiesSIR respectful form of address used to a manSIS sisterSIT to rest on the buttocksSIX number 6SKA Jamaican musicSKI to travel on skisSKY to hit or throw toward the skySLY craftySOB to cry with a convulsive catching of the breathSOD to cover with sod (turf)SOL fifth tone of diatonic musical scale (so)SOM Kyrgyzstan monetary unit {OSPD4}SON male childSOP to dip or soak in a liquidSOS [so] (fifth tone of diatonic musical scale)SOT habitual drunkardSOU former French coinSOW to scatter over land for growth, as seedSOX [sock-pl] (knitted or woven covering for the foot)SOY soybeanSPA mineral springSPY to watch secretlySRI mister; sir used as a Hindu title of respectSTY to keep in a pigpenSUB to act as a substituteSUE to institute legal proceedings againstSUK marketplace (souk) {OSPD4}SUM to add into one totalSUN to expose to the sunSUP to eat supperSUQ marketplace (souk) {OSPD3}SYN syneTAB to name or designateTAD small boyTAE toTAG to provide with a tagTAJ tall, conical cap worn in Muslim countriesTAM tight-fitting Scottish capTAN brown from the sun's rays/to convert hide into leather by soaking in chemicalsTAO path of virtuous conduct according to a Chinese philosophyTAP to strike gentlyTAR to cover with tarTAS [ta] (thanks)TAT to make tattingTAU greek letterTAV Hebrew letterTAW to convert into white leather by the application of mineralsTAX to place a tax onTEA beverage made by infusing dried leaves in boiling waterTED to spread for dryingTEE to place a golf ball on a small pegTEG yearling sheepTEL ancient mound in the Middle EastTEN number 10TET Hebrew letter (teth)TEW to work hardTHE article used to specify or make particularTHO thoughTHY possessive form of the pronoun thouTIC involuntary muscular contractionTIE to fasten with a cord or ropeTIL sesame plantTIN to coat with tinTIP to tiltTIS [ti] (seventh tone of diatonic musical scale)TIT small birdTOD British unit of weightTOE to touch with the toeTOG to clotheTOM male of various animalsTON unit of weightTOO in additionTOP to cut off the topTOR high, craggy hillTOT to totalTOW to pull by means of a rope or chainTOY to amuse oneself as if with a toyTRY to attemptTSK to utter a scolding exclamationTUB to wash in a tubTUG to pull with forceTUI bird of New ZealandTUN to store in a large caskTUP to copulate with a eweTUT to utter an exclamation of impatienceTUX tuxedoTWA twoTWO number 2TYE chain on a shipUDO Japanese herbUGH sound of a cough or gruntUKE ukuleleULU Eskimo knifeUMM intj. expressing hesitation (um)UMP to umpireUNS [un] (one)UPO uponUPS [up] (to raise)URB urban areaURD annual bean grown in IndiaURN type of vaseURP to vomit {OSPD4}USE to put into serviceUTA large lizardUTE utility vehicle {OSPD4}UTS [ut] (musical tone)VAC vacuum cleanerVAN large motor vehicleVAR unit of reactive powerVAS anatomical ductVAT to put into a vatVAU Hebrew letter (vav)VAV Hebrew letterVAW Hebrew letter (vav)VEE letter 'v'VEG vegetableVET to treat animals medicallyVEX to annoyVIA by way ofVID video {OSPD4}VIE to strive for superiorityVIG charge paid to a bookie on a bet (vigorish)VIM energyVIS force or powerVOE small bay, creek, or inletVOW to make a vowVOX voiceVUG small cavity in a rock or lodeVUM intj. expressing surprise {OSPD4}WAB webWAD to form into a wadWAE woeWAG to move briskly up and down or to and froWAN to become wan/unnaturally paleWAP to wrapWAR to engage in warWAS [be-conj] (to exist)WAT hare/wetWAW Hebrew letter (vav)WAX to coat with waxWAY method of doing somethingWEB to provide with a webWED to marryWEE short time/very smallWEN benign skin tumorWET soaked with a liquid/to make wetWHA whoWHO what or which person or personsWHY reason or cause of somethingWIG to provide with a wigWIN to be victorious/to winnowWIS to knowWIT intelligence/to knowWIZ wizardWOE tremendous griefWOG dark-skinned foreignerWOK cooking utensilWON to dwellWOO to seek the affection ofWOP Italian {offensive}WOS [wo] (woe)WOT to knowWOW to excite to enthusiastic approvalWRY contorted/to contortWUD insaneWYE letter 'y'WYN rune for 'W' (wynn)XIS [xi] (Greek letter)YAG synthetic garnet {OSPD4}YAH intj. used as an exclamation of disgustYAK to chatterYAM plant having an edible rootYAP to bark shrillyYAR yareYAW to deviate from an intended courseYAY to this extentYEA affirmative voteYEH yeahYEN to yearnYEP yesYES to give an affirmative reply toYET up to nowYEW evergreen tree or shrubYID Jew {offensive}YIN feminine passive principle {Chinese}YIP to yelpYOB hoodlumYOD Hebrew letterYOK boisterous laughYOM dayYON yonderYOU 2d person sing. or pl. pronounYOW to yowlYUK to laugh loudlyYUM intj. expressing tasteful pleasureYUP yepZAG to turn sharplyZAP to kill or destroyZAS [za] (pizza) {OSPD4}ZAX tool for cutting roof slatesZED letter 'z'ZEE letter 'z'ZEK inmate in a Soviet labor campZEP long sandwich {OSPD4}ZIG to turn sharplyZIN zinfandel {OSPD3}ZIP to move rapidlyZIT pimpleZOA [zoon-pl] (whole product of a fertilized egg)ZOO place where animals are kept for public exhibitionZUZ ancient Hebrew silver coin {OSPD4}ZZZ intj. representing the sound of snoring {OSPD4}

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What did Lord Krishna says about happiness and sorrow in Bhagwat Geeta?

Lord Krishna has got very good comment about the sensory organs and the things that stimulates them. Lord Krishna told Arjuna that the combination of sensory organs and their subjects gives you coolness and heat. They give you happiness at times and sorrow at times. So you tolerate the same. (2/14.) (Lord Krishna told in a flow of talk to Arjuna that there are two natural results of combination of the sensory organs and their subjects. Lord Krishna does not talk about providing only happiness and not sorrows in Geeta. He wants Arjuna to tolerate the same with out prejudice.)

What does the quote You may run from sorrow as we have Sorrow will find you It can smell you mean?

This is a quote from the movie The Village. It means that sorrow is unavoidable. That though you might try to find a paradise, where there is nothing to make you sad, you can't escape it, sorrow is part of being human.

What is Shakespeare trying to say about fighting in Romeo and Juliet?

That it leads to nothing but sorrow.

What did Mother Teresa see in human beings?

Their pain and sorrow for better living.

Why is hung he sometimes called china's sorrow?

The Huang He (Yellow River) is called China's Sorrow because it causes floods which results in the death of thousands of people, especially who is living around it.

What is a Russian kontakion for the dead?

With the saints give rest, O Christ, to the soul of Thy servant where sickness and sorrow are no more, neither sighing but life eternal.

Is the song sadness and sorrow the same that grief and sorrow?

No, grief and sorrow if when the hokage died in 80 and grief and sorrow is when sasuke left in 140

What is the bengali's sorrow sorrow?

Dukkher dukkha

How do you use the word sorrow in sentence?

There was great sorrow in the house of the deceased. Parting is such sweet sorrow

What is the birth name of Zach Sorrow?

Zach Sorrow's birth name is Stephen Zachary Sorrow.

Can you give me a sentence using the word sorrow?

His sorrow at the loss of his friend was heartbreaking to see. It is with great sorrow that I write you this letter. The package from home relieved his sorrow.

Can you use the word sorrow in a sentence?

The women wept in sorrow. His sorrow was more than he could bear.