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10% is a fractional number in decimal form and there is no sensible way to represent it as a whole number.

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Q: What is 10 percent written as a whole number?
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How do you convert 10 percent to a whole number?

10 percent can't become a whole number.

10 percent is 62 What is The Whole Number?

10% of 62 = 6.2 The whole number is 6.

How do you change 10.0 percent into a whole number?

10% = .10 (decimal equivilant) 10% can not be changed into a whole number unless you multiply by 10 or greater.

What is the percent of 1?

1oo percent one is a whole number

What is 10 percent in a whole number?

only 100% is a whole number = 1 10% is a fraction of a whole number 1 / 10 = 0.1 example 10% of 160 = 160 x 0.1 = 16

What does Round to the nearest whole percent means?

It means that the result of your calculation will be a percentage which may not be a whole number and you need to round to the nearest whole number. Use the normal rounding. eg 36.4% to the nearest whole percent is 36% eg 25.74568567% to the nearest whole percent is 26% eg 10% to the nearest whole percent is 10%

What is 10 percent of15?

Ten percent of fifteen is 1.5. It is impossible for it to be a whole number.

What is 7 over 10 as a whole number?

It seems that somebody told you that every fraction could be written as a whole number.That person knew not whereof he spoke.The smallest whole number is ' 1 '. "7 over 10" is 30 percent less than ' 1 '.It doesn't have what it takes to be any whole number.If every fraction could be written as a whole number, then nobody would need fractions.

Why is the rational number 10 also a whole number?

Because all whole numbers are rational. 10 can be written as 10/1.

How do you find the percent if the whole number is known?

Take the number you have out of the whole, then dived it by the whole number. Multiply the resulting number by 100 and that's your percent.Example:What percentage is 7 of 10?7 / 10= .7.7 x 100 = 707 is 70% of 10.

How do you write 70 percent as a fraction mixed number or whole number in simplest form?


What is the number 6000 Written as a whole number multiplied by a power of 10?

6 x 10^3