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1 and 3/5 is 8/5

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Q: What is 1 and three fifths as an improper fraction?
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What improper fraction is equal to 1 and three fifths?

8/5 is.

What is one and two fifths in an improper fraction?

1 and 2/5 as an improper fraction is 7/5

Would a fraction be greater than 1 and still be called a fraction or an improper fraction instead of just improper fraction?

An improper fraction is something like 7/5, or seven fifths. If it was something like this, 1 2/5, or one and two fifths, it would be a compound number.

What does 1 and three fifth plus four fifths equal?

1 3/5 + 4/5 = 12/5 (<improper fraction) or as a mixed fraction, 2 2/5 (2 and two fifths)

How do you write -1 and two fifths as an improper fraction?


What fraction is 9 fifths?

9/5, an improper fraction that simplifies to 1 4/5

How can you change one and one fifths to improper fraction?

12/5 an improper fraction = (5*1 + 2)/5 = 7/5.

What is one and four fifths as an improper fraction?

It is: 1 and 4/5 = 9/5 as an improper fraction9/5

What is 1 and 1 fourth as an improper fraction?


What is theReciprocal of two and three fifths?

A reciprocal (in mathematics) is the multiplicative inverse of any given number.This means the reciprocal of "1/x" would be "x/1".In the case where you have a mixed fraction like "two and three fifths", convert the mixed fraction into a improper fraction to make things easier.2 and 3/5 = 13/5Now flip the fraction:13/5 reciprocated = 5/13.Therefore, the reciprocal of "two and three fifths" is "thirteen fifths (13/5)"

How would you write 3 and 1 fifths in improper fraction?

It would be said like this: 16/5

How can you write 7 fifths into an improper fraction and as a mixed number?

7/5 = 1 2/5.