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$1.19 is the total.

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2014-08-19 13:35:37
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Q: What is 6 quarters plus three dimes plus 14pennies?
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What is 14 quarters plus 15 dimes plus 12 nickels and 5 pennies?

14 quarters plus 15 dimes plus 12 nickels and 5 pennies is a total amount of $5.65

What is 5 quauters plus 10 dimes plus 11 nickels?

5 quarters plus 10 dimes plus 11 nickels = $2.80

What is 9 dollars plus 12 quarters plus 25 dimes plus 11 nickels plus 18 pennies?

9 dollars plus 12 quarters plus 25 dimes plus 11 nickels plus 18 pennies = $15.23

20 dimes plus 20 nickels equals how many quarters?

12 quarters. 20 dimes= 2 dollars, and 20 nickels= 1 dollar. 3 dollars, multiplied by 4 because of the quarters, is 12 quarters

What is 14.00 dollars plus 11 quarters plus 8 dimes plus 8 nickels plus 84 pennies equal?


What is one half plus three quarters equal to?

one and three quarters

What is three quarters handicap of a plus 4 golfer?

Three quarters of four is one.

How do you make 95 cents with 5 coins?

Three quarters = 75 cents plus 2 dimes to make it 95 cents.

What is the sum of three quarters plus thress quarters?

six quarters. That is equal to one and half.

What is three and one half plus one and three fourths?

14 quarters plus 7 quarters = 21 quarters= 5 and a quarter (1 quarter is 1 fourth)

Bob has 60 coins consisting of quarters and dimes The coins combined value is 9.45 How many are quarters and how many are dimes?

there are 23 quarters 37 dimes to do this use simultaneous equations to make this simpler i will assign variables to amount of quarters and dimes x-quarters y-dimes you know you have 60 coins, so amount of quarters plus dimes is 60 x+y=60 you also know the amount is equal to $9.45 since quarters are $0.25 and dimes are $0.10 another equation can be made 0.25x+0.10y=9.45 this equation shows what you do when you count your change now solve the first equation for a variable using algebra x=60-y you can then plug this new value into your second equation 0.25(60-y)+0.1y=9.45 you can now solve for y, which is the number of dimes y=37 now plug this number back into x=60-y to get the amount of quarters x=60-(37) x=23 23 quarters 37 dimes

What is a half plus a quarter in fractions?

0.5 + 0.25 = 0.75. Three quarters Three quarters ! the answer is 3quatrs

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