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It is the figure before any transformation was applied to it.

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Q: What is The original figure in a transformation?
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What is the original figure before a transformation?


The original figure in a transformation?

What is a preimage. (The new figure is called the image.)

When you change coordinates of points of a figure to get another figure the original figure is called what?

The original figure is called the pre-image. After the transformation it becomes the image.

The original figure in the transformation of a figure in a plane?

I'm sorry, your question is not coherent. Try again.

What type of transformation can change the size of an image from the original figure?


What is The movement of a figure from it original position to its new position?

transformation Displacement

Which transformation does not always result in an image that is congruent to the original figure?


What is an operation that maps an original geometric figure onto a new figure?

A transformation: there are many different types of transformations.

When a figure undergoes a transformation the new figure is what of the original figure?

our apprehension of the figure as got more exacting in definition, the figure as not changed but our understanding of it does, be it the correct or incorrect.

What is an operation that creates an image from an original figure?

it is called a transformation this answer was answered by: Emma Shroades

A figure resulting from a transformation?

A figure resulting from a transformation is called an IMAGE

What is definition of image in math?

The figure that results from some transformation of a figure. It is often of interest to consider what is the same and what is different about a figure and its image EX: original Image

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