What is a 20 out of 30 grade?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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67% or D+

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Q: What is a 20 out of 30 grade?
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How do you do grade 6 math?

you minus the two sets of # first then find out what "a" is always the # after the = minus the # before "a" 30 + a = 50 a = 50 - 30 a = 20 30-30=50-30 (50-30=20) 0+a=20 a=20 if a = 20 30+a=50 30+20=50 50=50 therefore a=20

What is 23.5 in expanded form 5th grade?


What are the heights of the showjumping grades in Queensland?

In D grade your looking at jumping around 1meter. the max height being 1m 20 and the minimum is 90cm. C grade is 1m 20 to 1m 30 B grade is 1m 30 to 1m40 and finally A grade is 1m50 and 1m70 max

What grade is it after you miss 10 out of 30?

20/30 = 66.666...%, which is a D in most grading systems, but not necessarily.

What grade is 20 out of 30 points?

It would be a 85.

What grade oil for 2000 Lincoln town car?

5w-30 or 5w-20

How many people are in a class?

in k-12th grade is about 20 to 30 people in college there is about 300 people

What grade is 6 out of 30?

6 of 30 is 20%, so a 20. In letter terms, it means you failed. To calculate this on future exams, simply divide the number of correct answers by the total number of questions on the exam. On this one for example, divide 6 by 30, which is how you arrive at the answer, which is a score of 20.

How do you make an home reading report?

you just read a book about 20-30 pages depends on which grade you are in and write about it! :D

4 wrong out of 20 questions what is your grade?

What if you miss four Questions out of 20 what is my grade

What is twenty plus thirty?

20 + 30 = 50twenty plus thirty equals fifty20 pennies + 30 pennies = 50 pennies its hard for a beginner but you have to know that in 2nd grade

How do you find 20 percent of 30?

20 percent of 30 = 6 20% of 30 = 20% * 30 = 20%/100% * 30 = 6