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A payment to your account from shares held by you.

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Q: What is a No Dividend Counterfoil?
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What is the cheque counterfoil?

The cheque, or check, counterfoil is the part of the check that is kept by the issuer and it serves as a record of a transaction. The counterfoil is also called a stub.

What is another name for counterfoil?

i think it is "stub"

What is a counterfoil?

Depending on what it is a counterfoil of, it is most likely the stub part of a cheque book, postal order, money order, etc, where the details of the transaction are recorded.

What is the name of remaining part of the cheque?

The stub or counterfoil.

In terms of accounting what is a Paying in slip counterfoil?

i do not now

What is a check counter foil?

Cheque counterfoils are cheques sent by companies to their customer, relating to their return on their investment (dividend). These cheques are always crossed to avoid negotiation. Counterfoil on its own is the document containing the trades of the business, revealing the profit and loss of the company.

What is the source document for the cash payments journal?


What is the dividend of ninety seven by sixty?

The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.

What is the purpose of a check counterfoil?

A ecord on payment between two people or a bank

What is the journal of Dividend Income?

If dividend income received: Debit Cash / bank Credit Dividend income If dividend income receivable: Debit Dividend income receivable Credit Dividend income

How do you calculate the dividend growth rate?

(current month's dividend - last month's dividend) / last month's dividend using dividend per share amount

What does dividend meen?

A dividend is a no. which is divided

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