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Divisor: the number by which a dividend is divided Dividend: a number to be divided

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A divisor goes into a dividend.

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Q: What is the difference between a divisor and dividend?
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Which is the dividend and which is the divisor?

Dividend : Divisor = Quotient

Which goes first dividend of divisor?

dividend then divisor

What two digit divisor and a five digit dividend gives you the quotient of 308?

There is more than one answer to your question. One answer is a divisor of 99 and a dividend of 30492. A divisor of 33 and a dividend of 10164 would do as well. In fact you can use any number between 33 and 99 as the divisor if you adjust the dividend accordingly.

What mathematical words have i as the second letter?

difference, dividend,divisor,divide, digit

What is a quotient divisor and a dividend?

Dividend if the number that you divide, divisor is the number that you divide dividend into, and quotient is the number that you get from dividing dividend into divisor. For example, in 12/3=4, 12 is the dividend, 3 is the divisor, and 4 is the quotient.

What is the number that divides into the dividend?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient.

What is the number that divided the dividend?

a divisor

What is the divisor when the dividend is 53 and the quotient is 5 with a remainder of 8?

The divisor is 9. quotient x divisor + remainder = dividend ⇒ quotient x divisor = dividend - remainder ⇒ divisor = (dividend - remainder) ÷ quotient = (53 - 8) ÷ 5 = 45 ÷ 5 = 9

Divisor and remainder is given find the dividend?

quotent X divisor + remainder = dividend

What a dividend?

A dividend is the number that is divided by the divisor

How are the numbers in the dividend and divisor related to the quotient?

Because the dividend divided by the divisor produces a quotient.

What is the name for the number into which you are dividing in a division problem?

You divide the dividend by the divisor (or the divisor 'into' the dividend) to get the quotient.