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It does not have a specific name.

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Q: What is a curved edged rectangle called?
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What are 6 effective ergonomic arrangements?

An effective ergonomic arrangement is one where the least amount of energy or effort is needed to travel between the different points. Some examples of effective ergonomic arrangements would therefore be a circle, a square, a cube, or variations of these such as a curved edged square, a curved edged cube or a curved rectangle.

Can a rectangle have curved edges?

If the figure has curved edges, then it's not a "rectangle".

What is the curved surface of a cylinder called?

Believe it or not, it's a rectangle. If you strip it away and lay it down flat, it turns into a rectangle.

Does a rectangle have any curved sides?


What is a rectangle with curved corners?

An oval.

Is a rectangle with curved points a polygon?

no because a polygon can not have curved edges,points,sides,ect.

Can a Schiavona sword have a curved blade?

Technically, no. the Schiavona is normally a straight, double-edged blade.a small minority of them have a single edged blade (a backsword form), but those blades are not curved.(though of course, its almost inevitable that somewhereout there, in a collection, there's one that is on a curved blade having just said that.... but such is the nature of the history of arms.)

Which shape forms the curved surface of a cylinder?

a rectangle

How many curved edges on a rectangle?

None, they have vertices.

What is the shape of faces for a cylinder?

Rectangle * * * * * Two circles and one rectangle curved back on itself.

What is in a cylinder the curved surface connecting the circular bases in a cone the curved surface that is not a base?

It's a rectangle.

Which kind of sword is used for a officer's sword?

The Saber sword is used only by army officer, because it is one edged with curved blade and a hand guard. The Marines use the Marine Officer Sword, so called because despite it's curved blade it has no hand guard.