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there are infinite numbers between these decimals.

you could have .51







as long as you keep making the number greater. all these numbers are decimals between. 0.5 and 0.6

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2011-02-24 19:09:05
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Q: What is a decimal number greater than 0.5 and less than 0.6?
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How do you create a decimal and a mixed number that r either greater or less than a number?

how do you create a decimal or a mixed number that is either greater or less than any number

Is 2.34 greater than 2.43?

no, it is less. Look at he number after the decimal. The number after the decimal (34) is lower than (43) so it is less.

Is .03 greater or less than .015?

Greater. The second number after decimal is greater so number is greater.

Is 8 8 greater or less than 12 12?

Yes, the decimal number 8.8 is greater than the decimal number 12.12.

When a whole number is multiplied by a decimal smaller than one what can you conclude about the result?

The result is less than the whole number and greater than or equal to the decimal. Unless the whole number is negative in which case the result is greater than the whole number and less than or equal to the decimal.

What is the decimal number that is greater than 0.4 and less than 0.5?


What decimal is greater than 0.07 but less than 0.03?

There is no such number.

When dividing a number which is greater than you by a number less than 1 will the quotient be greater than or less than the dividend?

Dividing a number by a decimal always gives a number greater than the dividend. Some decimal numbers are bigger than 1, eg 506.23 , so the answer is less. The statement "a number greater than you" has no meaning so the question cannot be properly understood.

What number or decimal is greater than 1and 5 tenths but less than 2?

A number that is greater than 1.5 and less than 2 would be 1.75

Is 0.003 less than or greater than 0.02?

Less. More decimal places to the right of the decimal point means the number is getting smaller.

What decimal is is less than 0.15 and greater than 0.7?

No decimal is greater than 0.7 and less than 0.15 as 0.7 is greater than 0.15 is.

Is 1.2 greater or less than 1.20?

If you want to know if 1.2 is greater or less than 1.20 well, 1.2 is greater than 1.20 because remember a decimal number with a zero in it it is always greater than the number with no zero's.

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