What is a parrelogram?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you mean a parallelogram then it is a 4 sided quadrilateral with opposite parallel sides

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Q: What is a parrelogram?
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Is a square a parrelogram?

no a its a scalene accutally becuz a sqare never going to be parrel so its not parrelogram!

How do you find area of parrelogram?

Base x height

Does 4 angles have to be the same in a parrelogram?

No they do not HAVE to be the same but they can be the same

What is a parrelogram with all sides the same length?


Does a parrelogram have all sides congruent?

No, opposite sides are equal.

What quadrilaterals can never have right angles?

trapezium,rhombus and parrelogram

How do you find perimeter of parrelogram?

You add up the lengths of the 4 sides.

How can you classify a figure that has 4 opposite sides that are parallel and has no right angles?


What is the relationship between opposite sides of a parrelogram?

They are parallel sides that are equal in length

What do parallelograms equal?

The formula for a parrelogram is area=base*height. In this case it will equal to 360 degrees:)

Is a hexagon a parrelogram?

No, all parallelograms are quadrangles or quadrilaterals which have 4 sides. Hexagons have 6 sides.

What is a plane shape having two sets of equal sides and one set of opposite angles that are equal?

A parrelogram