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Radii is the plural of radius. A radius is the length of a line segment between the center and the circumference of a circle or sphere.

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Q: What is a radii of a circle?
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All radii of a circle are?

All the radii of a circle are of equal length. The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the out edge. Having equal radii is what defines a circle.

Is all radii of a circle are congruent?

Yes, all of the radii in a single circle are congruent.

How do the lengths of two radii of the same circle compare?

The sum of two radii of a circle is the same as the diameter of the circle.

Is it true that All radii of a circle are equal.?

Yes, providing that the radii are all in the same circle

Are two radii of a circle congruent?

Yes. All radii of the same circle have the same length.

What is the part of the circle enclosed by two radii?

A part of a circle enclosed by two radii is called a sector.

What is the radii of a circle?

The radius(radii is the plural) of the circle is half the distance of circle's diameter. The formula is r=(1/2)diameter.

How many radii of a circle will equal its circumference?

Well, the equation for finding the circumfrence of a circle is (diameter)(pi). That is diameter times pi. since the diameter of a circle is 2 radii, we can say that there is 2(pi) radii in a circle.

When piece of a circle is determined by two radii that piece is best called a?

I always called it an arc. It is simply a section of the circle. The ends are determined by the two radii you referenced. Each of the radii start at the center of the circle and end at their intersection with the circle. The portion of the circle that lies between the ends of the two radii is an arc.

How many radii does a circle have?

A radii is just a plural form of radius. A circle doesnt have one radius. The term radii is mostly used when talking about multiple circles.

Do all the radii of a circle have different lengths?

NO. All the radii of a circle are of exactly the same length. In fact, that is the definition of the locus of a point describing a circle.

How many radiuses does a circle have?

The plural of 'radius' is 'radii', not 'radiuses'. A circle has an infinite number of radii, but they are all of the same length.

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