What is an arm's length?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An arm's length is a distance approximately equal to the length of a human arm, sometimes used figuratively.

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Q: What is an arm's length?
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What is an arms length bargaining?

When a deal is not arms-length, that is, between family. Arms-length is between total strangers.

Arms length processes?

The arms length process is when two people are on equal footing.

What unit of length was derived from the general length of the mans outstretched arms?


Are your legs the same length of your arms?


How could you estimate the angle between two stars by the comparing that angle with your thumb or fist held at arms length?

Fist at arms length = ~ 10 arc degrees Thumb at arms length = ~ 2 arc degrees Little finger ~ 1 arc degree

Is an auction slaes an arms length transaction?


What is the length ratio for most Trebuchet throwing arms?


What is special about your arms?

They say that when you stretch them out, they are approximately the same length as your height.

What are P and Q arms of a chromosome?

The p arm is the shorter arm of the chromosome. The q arm is the longer arm. For chromosomes which are metacentric, the arms tend to be the same length. For submetacentric, acrocentric, or telocentric, the p and q arms show clear differences in length- and thus are classified accordingly.

What is Non arms length relationship?

When two parties are not independent of each other

What is the narrowest door frame an 84x37x38 couch can fit through?

You need to provide more dimensions, like the length, the height of the arms, and the depth of the arms.

Is about the distance from one hand to another when you stretch out your arms?

i have heard its the same length as your....height........