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It is simply called a point on the graph, or a solution to the equation represented by the graph.

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An point on a graph

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Q: What is each individual point on a graph called?
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What is each individual point called in a graph?

It is a coordinate of x and y on the coordinate plane

What type of graph is best suited for displaying the range and frequency distribution of the ages of the members of a large family while still showing each individual data point?

bar graph

What do you call the point where a line on a graph changes slope?

Nothing particular. The graph of y = x2, for example, changes slope at each point on the graph.

What accelerates on a speed time graph?

The slope at each point on a speed/time graph is themagnitude of acceleration at that point in time.

What is the point on the graph where the axes cross?

The origin. This is the point at which each axis is at 0.

Why does f represent the graph of a function?

Because each vertical lines meets its graph in a unique point.

What are the vertical bars through the data points in this graph?

they are called error bars. It represents the amount of error associated with each data point

How do you tell whether a graph shows a constant or variable rate of change?

The slope of each point on the line on the graph is the rate of change at that point. If the graph is a straight line, then its slope is constant. If the graph is a curved line, then its slope changes.

How do you solve systems of equations by graphing?

-- Graph each equation individually. -- Examine the graph to find points where the individual graphs intersect. -- The points where the individual graphs intersect are the solutions of the system of equations.

The slope of a displacement-time graph is?

The slope at each point of a displacement/time graph is the speed at that instant of time. (Not velocity.)

Each individual outcome of an experiment is called the sample space or sample point?

sample space

How you can obtain the solution to a system of equations by graphing?

In the same coordinate space, i.e. on the same set of axes: -- Graph the first equation. -- Graph the second equation. -- Graph the third equation. . . -- Rinse and repeat for each equation in the system. -- Visually examine the graphs to find the points (2-dimension graph) or lines (3-dimension graph) where all of the individual graphs intersect. Since those points or lines lie on the graph of each individual graph, they are the solution to the entire system of equations.