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4*(2x + 8) = 32

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Q: What is four times the sum of twice a number x and eight is thirty-two?
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Difference of eight times a number and twice the number?

twice the difference of three times a number and eight

Eight less than 7.2 times a number is -29.6?

Twenty more than twice a number is 52

What is algebraic expression for twice a number is equal to eight more than four times the number?

2 x = 8 + 4x

What is five times a number decreased by eight is at most ten more than twice the number?

It is 5n - 8 <= 2n + 10

What does twice a number mean?

twice a number means a number times 2

Twice a number minus 2 is 8 What is that number-?

Twice a number minus two giving us the answer as eight is number 5.

The quotient of eight and twice a number?

2x/8; x = the number

What is the difference between eight times a number and twice the number is eighteen?

It's an example of converting something easy into something nearly impossible, and then expressing it obscurely. Behind the veil lies an almost trivial algebra exercise. Although the question doesn't ask for the solution to the exercise, here it is anyway, at no extra cost: -- The difference between (eight times a number) and (twice the number) is (six times the number). -- (Six times the number) is eighteen. -- (the number) is one-sixth of eighteen, or three.

What is eight added to twice a number is 42 when you form an equation?

Eight added to twice a number is 42.Give the number the name of ' X '.8 + 2X = 42' X ' is 17.

One number is eight more than twice another if their difference is 25 what is the larger number?

One number is eight more than twice another if their difference is 25. The larger number is 42

What is eight more than twice the number?

2x + 8

How many times does 31 going to 70?

Twice with a remainder of eight

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