What is meant by vertical intercept?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is meant by vertical intercept?
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How do you find the slope intercept of a vertical line?

A vertical line on a graph has infinite slope and no y-intercept. Its equation is [ x = a number ]. The number is the line's x-intercept.

Does every line has a y-intercept?

No because a line can be a vertical line so say you have the equation x=5. Then a vertical line would pass through the x intercept 5 and be vertical thus not having a y intercept. All horizontal lines have a y intercept

Explain why the equation of a vertical line cannot be in slope-intercept form?

A vertical line on a graph has an infinite slope, and no y-intercept.

How do you find a negative slope intercept of a vertical line?

A vertical line does not have a slope - negative or positive. It is not defined. A vertical line has no y intercept and, if its equation is x = c (for some number c), then the x-intercept is (c, 0).

What physical property does the vertical intercept represent?

If x is horizontal distance in your graph, and y is vertical distance, the vertical intercept is what y is when x=0. For example, if x is the time since you started a business, and y is how much your business is worth, the vertical intercept is how much money you started off with.

Slope and y-intercept?

slope: y=mx+b the y-intercept is vertical

What is the y intercept of a vertical line?

There is not any. A vertical line is parallel to the y-axis so they cannot meet or they are the same line. In either case there is no intercept.

Can a linear function does not have a y-intercept?

X = 3 A vertical line not having a Y intercept.

What is another name for y- intercept?

Vertical offset.

What is the slope intercept form when a vertical line is passing through 5 -8?

The slope of a vertical line is undefined and so there cannot be a slope-intercept form of the equation.

What kind of line has only an x-intercept?

vertical lines!

What goes on the vertical line on a scientific graph?

The y intercept