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The formula is A=1/2bh b=base of triangle h=height of triangle A=area 1/2=divide base times height by 2

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Q: What is method of finding a triangles area?
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What are two methods to finding the area of a rectangle?

1 method is to multiply length times the width and the 2 method is to divide the rectangle into triangles and find the area of one of the triangles and multiply the area by two.

When you are finding the area of a triangle do you do the same for all types of triangles?

yes. When you are finding the area of a triangle you do the same for all types of triangles.

What is the formula for finding the area of triangles?

half of the base multipled by the height

How do you get area of an octagon?

The easiest method is to split the octagon up into triangles and sum the areas of the triangles.

Rules of parameterarea in math for 7th class?

Do you mean "perimeter" and "Area"? If so, if you are finding the perimeter of a figure, you take the lengths of all of the sides and add them up. If you are finding area, the method of which you find the area of the figure depends on what the figure is. For quadrilaterals, the formula is: A=lw.(Area=length times width) For triangles, the formula is: A=1/2lw. (Area=One half length times width)

How are the areas Of Triangles Rectangles And Parallelograms Related?

The area of a parallelogram is twice that of the two triangles that are formed by the line transecting it. (Sort of like finding out how many cows you have by counting eyes and dividing by two.)

What is the formula for finding the surface area of a hexagon?

Area of triangle = ½ base x altitude. Regular hexagon is 6 equal triangles so Area= 3 x base x altitude

Method for finding solution to problems?

Experiments are a method for finding solutions to problems.

How can you prove the accuracy of finding the area of a torn-off scrap of paper?

Through a careful study of the method used to estimate the area.

How do you work out the the area of a trapezium?

divide the trapesium into a rectangle and two triangles if you can find the area of triangles

Why four probe method is used to measure resistivity?

four probe method avoides the necessity of finding cross sectional area of a given material but in two probe method we must first find the crossectional area of material.

How do you find the area of an uneven shape?

One method is to divide it into regular shapes - rectangles, triangles, etc. - and measure the areas of those shapes.

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