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When you subtract a negative number, that is the same as adding its absolute value.

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The problem can be represented thus:

-10 - (-4)

Whenever you have two minus signs next to each other like this, it's the equivalent of a plus sign, so the following is also correct:

-10 + 4

Take a look at the number line for this. Drawing it yourself may be helpful.

You begin at the position of -10

The problem asks you to subtract "negative 4" from this quantity. Subtraction is just removing. Since you have "negative 10" already, if you remove "negative 4":

Then you only have "negative 6" left.

This can also be visualized as the -10 + 4 stated earlier, since the two statements are mathematically equivalent. You start at -10, and then add four. When you add, you go toward the positive end of the number line.

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Negative 4 minus 10 = (-4)-10 = -14.

The answer is negative 14.

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Negative 4 Minus Negative 10 Equals Negative 14.

Hope This Helps :)

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Q: What is negative 4 minus 10?
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