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The perimeter of a cube is simply the perimeter of one side of the cube.

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Q: What is perimeter of cube?
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What is the area of a 42 cm perimeter cube?

That depends how you define the perimeter for a cube. The term perimeter is usually used for plane figures, not for 3D solids.

How do you find the perimeter of a cube?

There no such thing as perimeter of 3D objects . Generally perimeter is for 2D objects but you can find the surface are of a cube if you wished to ask that. Surface area of cube is - 6 x side x side.

How do you get the perimeter of the cube?

You can only figure ot the surface area of a cube.

What is the net perimeter of a cube?

It is the sum of its sides

What is perimeter volume of cube?

Perimeter is not normally a concept associated with 3-dimensional objects. The volume of a cube, with sides of x units is x3 cubic units.

What is the area of each face if the cube is 4 inches?

The Perimeter

If a perimeter of one face of a cube is 2o cm then its volume?

The volume of the cube is: 125 cubic cm

How do you calculate perimeter of a cube?

length x width x height

What is the perimeter of a 4x4x4x cube?

Solid objects do not have a perimeter because it is not possible to go all round the object in a single path.

The area of a square is 196 square feet What is the perimeter?

The cube root of 196 is 14 Perimeter = 4*14 = 56 feet

What is the cross sectional area of a cube with a perimeter of 48cm?

A perimeter is normally defined for 2-dimensional shapes and not three dimensional ones. A cube has 12 edges. So, if the perimeter is 48 cm, each edge must be 48/12 = 4 cm. The cross section of a cube depends on the angle of the plane intersecting the cube and, if it is not perpendicular to the cube, can be triangular, parallelogram or hexagonal. Assuming the plane is at right angles to the cube, the cross section is a square with sides of 4 cm. So its area is 16 cm2

What is the volume of the cube if the perimeter of one side is 16 inches?

64 cubic inches

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