What is fixed perimeter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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fixed perimeter is the perimeter being fixed

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Q: What is fixed perimeter?
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What is a fixed perimeter?

A perimeter that will not change.

In general describe the rectangle that has the least area for a fixed perimeter?

For a fixed perimeter, the area will always be the same, regardless of how you describe the rectangle.

Which rectangle has the greatest area for a fixed perimeter?

The greatest area for a fixed perimeter will be when all the sides are equal or when the rectangle approaches the shape of a square.

What is the relationship between the perimeter and area when area is fixed?

For a fixed area, the perimeter is minimum for a circle, but has no maximum. Fractal figures (such as Koch snowflake) may have a finite area within an infinite perimeter.

How do you find fixed perimeter?

The perimeter is the sum of all of the sides of the figure. So, simply add up ALL the sides to discover what the perimeter is.

What is the area for an octagon with a fixed perimeter of 300?

Approximately 6,789.98 units2

How do describe a rectangle with whole number dimensions that has the greatest perimeter for a fixed area?

You dont

How many meters are in the perimeter of one acre?

It depends on the shape of the acre, it is not a fixed distance.

Is it possible for the perimeter of a figure to change?

no If the shape of the object is not fixed, it would be possible to alter the shape of the perimeter, but not the length, i.e., the distance around the object being enclosed.

What is the maximum area for a rectangle whose perimeter is 136?

The maximum area for a rectangle of fixed perimeter is that of the square that can be formed with the given perimeter. 136/4 = 34, so that the side of such a square will be 34 and its area 342 = 1156.

Do all shapes with fixed perimeter have same area?

nope because if u have a square with a side length of 4 then the perimeter is 16 and the area is 16 and say if u have a rectangle with side lengths of 2 and 6 then the perimeter is 16 but the area is 12 so the answer is no

Does a circle have more area space than other shapes?

Yes, for a fixed perimeter, a circle contains the largest area.