What is prism and example?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is Sa Sa Sa Sa Sami the explorer

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Q: What is prism and example?
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What is a prism an example of?

A Triangular Prism A Rectangular Prism An Octogonal Prism (basically 3D Shapes)

Real life example of a prism?

A solid brick is a rectangular prism. (this one example of many)

What is an example of a pentahedron?

A triangular prism is one example.

Can a prism be a pyramid?

No. Erm...kind of. One example could be a triangular prism

What is an example of a octagonal prism?


How many bases does a prism have?

It depends on what kind of prism you mean. For example, a rectangular prism has 6 bases and a triangular prism has 5 bases. A triangular prism only has two bases.

Is light bending going through a prism an example of a reflection?

Light bending as it passes through a prism is an example of refraction, not reflection.

Real life example of a square prism?

A building would be a perfect example. If you simplify the details of a building, it becomes a rectangular prism. If you specifically mean a "square" prism, that would be a cube, an example of which would be a Rubik's Cube or a few dice.

What is the dimensional formula for angle of prism?

That will depend on what type of prism it is as for example a triangular prism has 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices.

Is there a relationship between a solid and a prism?

yes, there is. a prism can be defined as a solid shape and a solid is a a 3d shape which example can be a prism therefore there is a relationship.

What is an example of a triangular prism?

a toblerone bar.....

What is an example of an heptagonal prism?

a pencil holder.