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an element

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Q: What is simplest form of matter that can't be decomposed into two substances or more?
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What substances cant be decomposed by a chemical change?

u could hit her and scream at her saying if u do that again i will hit u

Can nuts be decomposed?

They are decomposers because they cant consume example grass and the can't produce so they decompose.

Is all matter visible?

no. all matter cant be seen. like air is a matter but we cant see it.

What is 3 over 160 in simplest form?

No it cant be simplest form

What kinds of substances cant be dissolved in water?



Only organic substances can broken down into compost. Bottles made out of glass or plastic are not organic substances.

How are atom and matter reladed?

Atoms is matter. Matter eksists because of atoms. Matter cant eksist whit out.

How do water's relative densities as a solid and a liquid differ from that of most substances?

you cant.

Is sound matter or non matter?

not matter. neither is electricity or fire. anything that doesnt have mass and cant be weighed is not matter.

What is the simplest form for 6 over 7?

you cant go lower 6 can be divided by 2 and 3 but seven cant so you cant.

What are facts of matter?

It cant be created or destroyed

Is matter real if you cant see it?