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Q: What is the Order of Magnitude of the number of pennies equivalent to a quarter?
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What is the number of pennies equal to 9 quarter?

225 pennies.

What is the number of pennies equal to a quarter?


How many numbers are in a quarter?

There are 25 pennies in a quarter. Or five nickels. A quarter is also equal to two dimes and a nickel. The number one quarter can be written as 1/4 or as a decimal, .25 and that's about it.

What is the fewest number of coins needed to make 39 cents?

4 pennies, 1 quarter, and a dime.

How many ways can you make 40 cents using pennies nickels dimes quarters?

1 quarter-1 dime-1 nickel 1 quarter-1 dime-5 pennies 1 quarter-3 nickels 1 quarter 2 nickels-5 pennies 1 quarter-1 nickel-10 pennies 1 quarter-15 pennies 4 dimes 3 dimes-2 nickels 3 dimes-1 nickel-5 pennies 3 dimes- 10 pennies 2 dimes-4 nickels 2 dimes-3 nickels-5 pennies 2 dimes-2 nickels-10 pennies 2 dimes-1 nickel-15 pennies 2 dimes-20 pennies 1 dime-6 nickels 1 dime-5 nickels-5 pennies 1 dime-4 nickels- 10 pennies 1 dime-3 nickels-15 pennies 1 dime-2 nickels-20 pennies 1 dime-1 nickel-25 pennies 1 dime-30 pennies 8 nickels 7 nickels-5 pennies 6 nickels-10 pennies 5 nickels-15 pennies 4 nickels-20 pennies 3 nickels-25 pennies 2 nickels-30 pennies 1 nickel-35 pennies 40 pennies Total Number of Solutions=31

What is the fraction name and equivalent whole number for fourths?

It is a quarter.

What is the fewest number of coins needed to make 47 cents?

it is 5 a quarter 2 dimes and 2 pennies

How is a quarter like the decimal number 0.25?

They are equivalent. A quarter, or 1/4 is an equivalent fraction to 25/100 and that is just another way of expressing 0.25

Is 25 percent a quarter?

Yes. 25% of a number is equivalent to 25/100 = 1/4 of that number.

What is the magnitude of the number 7985345?

Its magnitude is 7985345.Its magnitude is 7985345.Its magnitude is 7985345.Its magnitude is 7985345.

What is the least number of us coins to make 42 cents?

The answer is: one quarter, one dime, one nickle and two pennies. Five coins in all.

How many pennies are in a hundred dollars?

One multiplication will produce your answer: number of pennies in a dollar = 100 X number of dollars = 100 -------------------------------------------------- so number of pennies = 100 X 100 = 10,000 (ten thousand pennies) Basicaly, 10,000 pennies