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Q: What is the algebraic rule for a reflection over the y?
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What is the rule for finding the reflection of a point over the axis?

For a reflection over the x axis, leave the x coordinate unchanged and change the sign of the y coordinate.For a reflection over the y axis, leave the y coordinate unchanged and change the sign of the x coordinate.

Write the rule in algebraic form?

you write it like this (x,y) ----> (-x+4, y-5)

What is an example of an algebraic rule that is not a function?

x2 - y2 = (x + y)(x - y) is an identity, not a function.

What is the algebraic rule for rotating point x and y 90 degrees in an anticlockwise direction?

(x=y) (y=-x)

How do you write Y over 5 in algebraic form?


What does reflection over the y-axis mean?

Example: if you have a point with the coordinates (2,4), a reflection over the y-axis will result in the point with coordinates (-2,4).

What transformation is represented by the rule (x y) (y -x)?

It is an anticlockwise rotation through 90 degrees.

What is the algebraic expression for excess of 15 over y equals 10?

y + 15 = 10

What is the rule for reflection over y-x?

I never learned a rule for reflection, but the easiest method would be to count the number of points the point of your figure/line from the x- axis or y-axis, and apply the same number onto the other side. That's how I always did it. It you were to just move the whole figure over, that would only be translation! make sure the figure/line makes sense of where it is.

What type of equation is X equals Y over Z?


What does reflection over the x-axis mean?


What are the coordinates of the reflection of (a b) over the y-axis?

They are (-a, b).