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35 degrees is 0.388 right angles.

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Q: What is the angle degrees to 35 degrees?
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What is the missing angle of a triangle with a 35 degrees angle and 110 degrees angle?

all angles of a triangles add to 180 degrees.180 - 110 - 35 = 35 is your answer

90 degrees is to right angle is 35 degrees is to?

the answer is acute angle

Why is this angle equal to 35 degrees Is this a statement?

An angle of 35 degrees is an acute angle because it is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees.

If light hits a smooth hard surface at a 35 degree angle at what angle will it reflect of the surface?

By convention angles are measured from the normal to the reflecting surface. The angle of incidence, 35 degrees, is equal to the angle of reflection. In this case 35 degrees. The answer is 35 degrees.

What is the reference angle for -145 degrees?

35 degrees

What type of angle is 35 degrees?

This is an acute angle.

What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 35 degrees and the other meaures 68 degrees?

The 3rd angle is: 180-35-68 = 77 degrees

What kind of angle has a measurement of 35 degrees?

An acute angle

What is the missing angle of a triangle if one angle is 35 degrees and the other angle is 62 degrees?

Thmissing angle is 83

What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 120 degrees and the other measures 35 degrees?

180-120-35 = 25 degrees

The measure of the compliment to a 35 percent angle is what?

A whole angle is 360 degrees so the measure of a 35% angle is 126 degrees. The complement (not compliment) of this angle would have a measure of 90 - 126 = minus 36 degrees.

If an angle of a rhombous is 35 degrees what are the remaining three angles?

35, 145 and 145 degrees

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