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Q: What is the answer for rounding off 3.452 to 2 decimal places?
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What is the answer for rounding off 1.296 to 2 decimal places?



Rounding to the nearest hundredths is the same as rounding to 2 decimal places. In this case it is 100.00

How do you round 7.4625 to 2 decimal place?

rounding off 7.4625 to 2 decimal places = 7.46

How do you estimate decimals?

Decimals are estimated by rounding off the decimal places to the nearest tenths,hundredths,thousandths,ten thousandths,etc.

How do you round 4.11 to one decimal?

rounding off 4.11 to one decimal = 4.1

Round 176.625 to 2 decimal places?

It's generally accepted that when rounding off numbers that if the first figure to be discarded is 5 or more, the previous figure is increased by 1. 176.625 therefore becomes 176.63 to 2 decimal places.

How should you round off 4.45?

4.5 if rounding off to 1 decimal place.

How do you round off the number 1293.859649 to two decimal places?

You simple look at the decimal place you want to round to. In 1293.859649 we are rounding to two decimal places so we look at the second decimal place. Which is "5". Is the number on it's right, higher than a 4 or lower than 4? It's higher. So it rounds up. 1293.859649 to two decimal places is 129.86

How are decimal numbers rounded off to any given signiFIcant figures?

The rule is - whatever number of decimal places you're rounding off to - look at the NEXT number... For example - round 23.456 to two decimal places. The number in the THIRD decimal place is 5 or more so you round UP to get 23.46. IF the number had been 23.454, you would round DOWN to yield 23.45.

How do you round 7.8 to one decimal place?

rounding off 7.8 to one decimal place = 7.8

How do you round off 698.698 to two decimal places?

698.70 Edit: When rounding up or down to decimal places - always look at the next digit. If it's between 0 & 4, you round down. If it's between 5 & 9, you round up (as in this case) Snakester1962 (Supervisor)

What is 62571 rounded off to 2 decimal places?

It is: 62571.00 to two decimal places