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It is the mean absolute deviation.

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Q: What is the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of the deviations of the individual values from the mean in a data set?
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What is the Excel function AVEDEV?

It gets the average of the absolute deviations of a set of values from their mean. It can use numbers or references to those numbers.

What is the Standard deviation of a set of data in which all the data values are the same?

ZeroDetails:The "Standard Deviation" for ungrouped data can be calculated in the following steps:all the deviations (differences) from the arithmetic mean of the set of numbers are squared;the arithmetic mean of these squares is then calculated;the square root of the mean is the standard deviationAccordingly,The arithmetic mean of set of data of equal values is the value.All the deviations will be zero and their squares will be zerosThe mean of squares is zeroThe square root of zero is zero which equals the standard deion

What is an arithmetic mean?

An arithmetic mean is a measure of central tendency of a set of values computed by dividing the sum of the values by the number of values.

When is true that absolute value of x plus y equals sum of their individual absolute values?

When 'x' and 'y' both have the same sign.

What is arithmetic mean return?

The arithmetic mean is more commonly known as the average. It is the sum of the values divided by the number of values.

The arithmetic mean is computed by?

summing the values and dividing by the number of values

What is the arithmetic mean?

The arithmetic mean is calculated by adding together the values and dividing by how many values there are. This is distinct from the geometric mean which is calculated as the nth root of the product of the values where n is the number of values multiplied together.

Is there a difference in the absolute values of force generated by males and females?

Males generally can generate higher values of force compared to women. The difference is not on an individual basis but a population level.

What determines the arithmetic mean of a range?

You need to have all the values within the range to calculate the arithmetic mean .

What numbers have opposites that are the same as their absolute values?

All numbers have opposites that are the same as their absolute values.

Do opposites have the same or different absolute values?

Additive opposites MUST have the same absolute values.

What is the difference between arithmetic operations and logical operations?

Arithmetic operations act on the values of numbers or expressions. Logical operations act on the truth-values of statements or equations.

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