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Average speed equals distance divided by time (speed = distance/time)

Therefore the car travels 600km in 10hours so 600/10 equals 60km/h.

60km/h is equal to:

60000metres per hour

1 km per minute

50/3 metres per second

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Q: What is the average speed of a car that travels 600 km in 10 hours?
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A jet travels 5400 miles in 9 hours Its average speed is?

Average speed = Distance/Time Average speed = 5400/9 = 600 mph

A car travels 600 km in 6 hours what is the average speed of the car?


You drive to Austin Texas 300 miles in 5 hours but the return trip takes you 7 hours what is your average speed for the trip in miles per hour?

You've done 600 miles in a total of 12 hours, therefore your average speed was 600/12 = 50 mph.

How long would it take you to travel 600 miles on a pony?

Ponys average a speed of about 43 MPH, so 600/43= 13.95348837. So almost 14 hours.

You drive to Austin Texas (300 miles) in 5 hours but the return trip takes 7 hours. What is your average speed for the trip (Give your answer in mph.)?

The average speed for the whole journey is 50 miles per hour. It can be obtained by dividing 600 miles by 12 hours.

What is the average speed of the wave?

Tsunamis can travel over 600 mph in the open ocean. It can only take a few hours for a tsunami to travel across an entire ocean. A regular wave travels at 90 km/hr.

What is the velocity of a plane that traveled 3000 miles from New York to California in 5 hours?

Its average speed is (3000/5) = 600 miles per hour.

If a car's average speed is 45 kilometers per hour how far did the car go in 6 seconds?

The speed of 45 km/h states that in every hour = 60 minutes = 3600 seconds the car travels 45 km. So in 6 seconds it travels 6/3600 = 1/600 this distance, that is: 45 x 1/600 = 45/600 = 3/40 = 0.075km = 75m.

How long does it take to drive 605 miles?

It depends on your average speed. At 60 mph, you can drive 600 miles in ten hours. At 30 mph, it will take you 20 hours.

What is faster a bullet or a dart?

a bullet travels faster with a speed of 600-800kms/hr at the time of launch

Which has the greater speed a heron that travels 600 m in 60 second or a duck that travels 60 m in 5 seconds?

The duck that travels 60 m in 5 seconds because 60/5=12 and 600/60=10, 12>10.

Jon drove 600 miles to get to the Grand Canyon If the drive took 12 hour what is Jon's rate of speed?

Distance = rate * time 600 miles = rate * 12 hours rate of speed = on average, 50 miler per hour