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[lastname], [firstname] jr.

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Q: What is the correct way to write junior after you write their last name first?
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What is the correct way to write II after a name when the last name is written first?

The correct way to write II after a name when the last name is written first is to include a comma before the suffix. For example: Lastname, Firstname II.

Can you first son have your first and last name but different middle name and be a junior?


What is the proper way to attach junior when printing last name first?

Last name Jr., Firstname

When was Super Junior M first announced?

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How do you write a name in inverted form?

I believe you write it with the last name in front of the first name. Ex- Hancock, John

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Possessive form of last name ending in Junior?


How do write Captain using last name first?

To write "Captain" using the last name first, it would typically be in the form of "Captain [Last Name]." For example, "Captain Smith."

What is the correct way to write a hyphenated last name when putting the last name then first name?

When writing a hyphenated last name before the first name, you should place the entire last name before the first name with a hyphen in between the elements of the last name. For example, "Smith-Jones, Sarah."

How do you write III when using the last name first?

Last Name, First (Given) Name, III

What is the correct placement for jr or senior when you use last name first?

When using last name first, the correct placement for "Jr." or "Senior" is right after the last name. For example: "Smith Jr., John" or "Smith Sr., William."

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