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the definition is how much you spend per mile in cents.

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Q: What is the definition for cents per mile?
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What is the current cents per mile reimbursement for employee related business travel in 2006?

- Airplane .......... $1.07 per mile - Automobile Rates: 44.5 cents per mile (if no Government Owned Vehicle available) 28.5 cents per mile (if Government Owned Vehicle available) 12.5 cents per mile (if committed to use Government Owned Vehicle) - Motorcycle POV Rate ..... 30.5 cents per mile You can find this information at

What is the 2009 standard gas rate for taxes?

Business use was 55 cents per mile. Medical and qualified moving expense was 24 cents per mile. Charitable was 14 cents per mile.

What is the average cost per mile excluding insurance and depreciation?

The IRS allows: .51 cents per mile for business. .19 cents per mile for medical or moving expenses. .14 cents per mile for charitable expenses. Want to know what a particular make & model will cost per mile then click the link.

What does 22 cents a km equal to in cents per mile?

22¢/km = 35.4¢/mile (rounded)

If it cost 39 cents per mile and you drive 500 miles What is your cost?

500 miles at 39 cents per mile = 500*39 cents = 195 dollars

How much does the Nissan LEAF cost to operate per mile?

about 3.7 cents per mile

How much is 45 miles times 55.5 cents per mile?

45 miles x 55.5 cents / mile = 2497.5 cents

What is the formula to calculate 55.5 cents per mile?

Miles driven times 40 miles driven x 57.5 cents per mile

What is the 2009 IRS rate for gas mileage reimbursement?

* 55 cents per mile for business miles driven * 24 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes * 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

What is the breakdown of the current IRS gas mileage allowance?

51 cents per mile It is now 50 cents per mile for 2010 income taxes

What is the formula to calculate miles at 0.505 cents per mile?

If you keep track of the total amount spent in cents, then divide that number by 0.505 cents/mile.

Per square mile how much did America spend on Alaska?

About $12.80 per square mile.