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Median is the number that u find in the middle.

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Q: What is the definition for the mathematical term for median?
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What is the mathematical term of mean median and mode?

They are all forms of average.

What is the definition of the mathematical term property?

Property is not just a mathematical term. It means a characteristic or attribute.

What does the mathematical term definition mean?

It means an explanation

Is average another word for Mean Median or Mode?

Average is a synonym for mean (the mathematical term not the adjective)

What does median mean in mathematical terms?

The median is the middle number

Who invented the mathematical median?

It is not known who invented the mathematical median. Medians are the middle value of a list from smallest to largest.

What is the definition for the math term median?

It is the middle number with the numbers in order from the least to greatest.

What is the median in mathematical terms?

median is used to refer to the middle number in a group.

What is the definition of the term quantitative methods?

The definition of the term quantitative methods is the range of mathematical and statistical techniques used to analysis data. This is primarily used in math equations.

Definition of the mathematical term volume?

Volume is the amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by an object

Mathematical definition of median?

The median of a set of values is the number in the mid-ordinal position of the set in ordered form. To find the median of a set of number, first put them in order and then the median is the one in the middle. If there are 2n+1 numbers (n = integer) then the median is the n+1th number. If there are 2n, then the median is either defined as the the average of the nth and n+1th numbers.

What is the definition of a mathematical phrase?

mathematical phrase

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