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the answer to a math question.

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Q: What is the definition of outcome in regards to math?
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What is the math definition of a simple event?

( i Dint make this definition) a specific outcome or type of outcome

Definition of product in math terms?

The definition of a product is the outcome number of two or more numbers that have been multiplied by each other.

What is the definition of rang in regards to math?

If you mean range, range is when you subtract the largest number by the smallest number to get an answer.

What is the definition of maximum in regards to math?

The definition of maximum in regards of math is the biggest number in the set of numbers / data.Example:If you have the numbers 10,5,8,2,60,9,3,and 1 the maximum in this set of numbers/data is 60. How? It is 60 because in the set of numbers/data it is the highest number in the set.The word maximum in maths means the most or limit.

What is the definition of Average in regards to math?

Average of the numbers in a group =(the sum of all the numbers in the group) divided by (the number of numbers in the group)

What is the definition of plane in regards to math?

it is a surface that never ends in all directions and usually has a point in the upper right hand corner with a letter

What does outcome mean in math term?

in math terms, specifically statistics, the outcome is the results expressed as part of the total.

Can you use outcome in a sentence?

The outcome of the math problem was 20.

What is the definition of possible outcome?

the definition of possible outcome is the possibility of something happening.

What does impossible outcome mean in math terms?

whta is a impossible outcome?

What is the definition of a random event in Math?

Random events are events that do not have a determined outcome. The set of possible outcomes for a random event is always greater than one item.

What does outcome mean in math?

outcome means what is the answer, like in english, the outcome of an event is what happens after the event takes place.