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1. The difference of two numbers are the numbers between them. The difference is found by subtracting the smaller number from the larger. In this case, 2 is subtracted from 3 (3-2) with a difference of 1. 3-2=1

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Q: What is the difference between the numbers 2 and 3?
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If the sum of two numbers is 4 and their difference is -2 what are the numbers?


Two numbers that have the sum of 8 and a difference of 2?

5 + 3 =8 and 5-3 = 2 The difference between the two numbers is 2.

Find the difference between the first two prime numbers?

2 and 3 are the first two prime numbers. The difference between them is 1

Which of the prime numbers 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 cannot be the difference between two consecutive prime numbers greater than 2?

Any prime numbers greater than 2 will be odd numbers. The difference between two odd numbers will be an even number. So, the difference between two prime (and odd) numbers could be 2, 4, or 6, of the numbers given. The difference could not be 3, 5, or 7.

The difference between two different irrational numbers?

The difference can be rational or irrational.5 + sqrt(3) and 2 + sqrt(3) are both irrational numbers but their difference is[5 + sqrt(3)] - [2 + sqrt(3)] = 3, which is rational.

When is the only time 1 is the difference of two prime numbers and they are 2 and 3?

As the number 2 is the only even prime number then a difference of 1 occurs only between 2 and 3. All other prime numbers are odd and therefore the minimum difference between successive prime numbers is 2.

What is The difference between 2 prime numbers is another prime numbers what is it?

All prime numbers are odd numbers, except for the number 2. The difference between two odd numbers must be a multiple of 2. So, if the difference between two prime numbers is another prime number, that difference must be 2.Examples:{3, 5}{5, 7}{11, 13}{29, 31}

The difference between two numbers is 3 the sum of the numbers is forty five what are the 2 numbers?

24 and 21?

The sum of two numbers is 8 The difference between two numbers is 2 What are the two numbers?

3 & 5.

Is the difference between two positive numbers negative?

The difference between ANY two numbers that are different, is positive. For example, the difference between -5 and -3 is 2. You can move two whole numbers either up from -5, or down from -3, on the number line.

What is the least positive difference between two prime numbers?


Can the difference between two prime numbers equal one?

It certainly can be! Both the number 2 and 3 are prime numbers. So: 3 - 2 = 1 And there you have it.