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circumference = pi*diameter

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Q: What is the formula to find the circumference of a circle when the diameter is known?
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What is the formula to find diameter of circle when the circumference is known?

The number pi can be defined as: pi = circumference / diameter. Solving for diameter: diameter = circumference / pi. Pi is approximately 3.14.

Square foot of a circle?

To find the area of a circle, either the diameter or the circumference must be known. The formula for the area from the diameter is (pi)*(1/2 of diameter) squared. From the circumference, simply substitute (circumference / pi) for diameter.

How do you find the diameter of a circle if you know the circumference?

Divide the known circumference by pi to find the diameter of the circle.

What is circumference of circle with a DIAMETER of 1.75 inches?

The formula to find the circumference of a circle with a known diameter is: Pi (3.1416) times by diameter. Therefore, 3.1416 x 1.75 = 5.4978 (or 5.50 rounded to 2 decimal places).

What is the diameter of a circle of known circumference?

Diameter = circumference/pi where pi is 3.14159 (approx)

What is the lineal inch of a 90 circle?

The lineal inch of a 90-degree circle, also known as the circumference, can be calculated using the formula: Circumference = pi * diameter. In this case, the lineal inch will be equal to pi times the diameter of the circle.

What is the circumference of a circle if its diameter is 45.71 centimeters?

The Circumference is approximately 143.60. Circumference = 3.14159265 (known as Pi) x Diameter. Cheers!

How do you find circumference if you know diameter?

If you know the diameter and need the circumference you times the diameter of the circle by 3.14 also known as pie. That is how you get the circumference by only knowing the diameter. :)

What is the circumference of a circle with diameter 20 inches?

Use the following formula to figure diameter when the circumference of a circle is known: Circumference = Pi x Diameter 20 = 3.1415927 x D D = 6.366

What is the formula for the circumfrance of a circle?

Circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

Why is the formula of circle 2pie r?

π was originally known (to the Greeks, I think) as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, thus: circumference/diameter = π which with rearranging becomes: circumference = π x diameter However, the diameter of the circle is the distance from one point on its circumference to its centre and then onto another point on the circumference so it is also twice the radius in length, that is: diameter = 2 x radius which can be substituted back into the formula above to yield: circumference = π x 2 x radius or circumference = 2 x π x radius which is usually abbreviated, in algebra, to: circumference = 2πr with r representing the radius of the circle, and π the ratio as previously described.

What is the length of a circle known as?

The length around a circle is the circumference The length across a circle is the diameter