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Q: What is the greatest and the smallest 4 digit numbers using the digit 1234?
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What is the sum of the greatest and smallest four digit numbers formed by using each of d digits 6039 atleast once?


What is the smallest 5 digit number using 4 different numbers?


What is the smallest six digit number you can write using the numbers 381724?


What is the smallest and greatest 4 digit number using 8 in tens place?

1080, 9989

Smallest five digit even number using numbers one to nine?


What is the smallest three digit even number using the numbers 123?

it would be 0000.01

What is the smallest 6 digit number using only even numbers?

It is 200000.

What is the smallest six digit number you can make using the numbers 381724?

From left to right, pick the smallest possible digit every time. This will give you the smallest possible number.

What is the smallest six digit number using the digits 012345?

012345 or -543210, if negative numbers are permitted.

What is the difference between the largest and the smallest 5 digit numbers formed by the digits 05789 using each digit only once?

The smallest number is 5,789. The largest is 98,750. The difference is 92,961.

What is the smallest number that can be made by subtracting 2 five digit numbers using the digits 0123456789?

It is difficult to interpret exactly what you are trying to ask. If you allow your five digit number to have leading zeroes and do not allow negative numbers, then 00000 - 99999 = -99999 is the smallest number. If you do allow negative 5 digit numbers, then (-99999) - 99999 = -199998 is the smallest number.

Using the digit 012345678 and 9 what is the greatest and the least possible numbers that you can make?

9999999999 100000000