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What 30mm round are you talking about?

there are many types of 30mm projectiles.

but 3 are the most common in use.

(1)30*113mm used by apache's 30mm cannon.(455 grams cartridge weight)

(2)30*173mm used by US and NATO forces for 30mm cannons.(690-720 grams cartridge weight)

(3)Russian 30*165mm rounds used by Russian 30mm cannons and Gatling guns.(832-845 grams cartridge weight)

The kill radius of the 30*113mm round used by apache is from 5ft to 10ft.

The kill radius of the 30165 and 30173mm rounds are approximately 10ft to 16ft.

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3 meters.

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Q: What is the kill radius of a 30mm round?
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