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A square with an area of 40 acres has side lengths of: 1,320 feet (1/4 mile) each.

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Q: What is the length and width of a forty acre square?
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What is the length by width of an acre?

An acre contains 43,560 square feet. The length and width is about 209 by 209 feet.

What are linear dimensions of 1 acre square?

have .27 acre with 200 ft width what is length

How many feet is an acre length by width?

There are 43,560 ft2 in an Acre.43560-2 = 208.71 Or ...An Acre is a square, 208.7 ft on a side.

What is the length and width of an acre of land?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet so for example: 100 feet long by 435.6 feet wide would equal one acre Length x Width = Square Feet Square Feet / 43560 = acres 208.71ft by 208.71ft is equal to one acre

What is the length and width of 30 acres?

One acre equals:0.0015625 square miles,4,840 square yards,43,560 square feet orabout 4,047 square metres (0.405 hectares)So, an acre is a unit of area. To know the length and width, the heometry sholud be known.For example it could be:a rectangle of length 1000 meters and width 4.047 meters, ora rectangle of length 500 meters and width 8.094 metersa square of length = width = 63.616 meters

What is the length and width of 0.26 acres?

Convert that to square feet. As a reminder, an acre is 43,560 square feet. Then, choose any width you like; divide the number of square feet by that number to get the corresponding length (for a rectangular area).

How wide is a acre?

acre is area length x width so it depends on the length as to how wide it is

What are the length and width of an acre?

1 mm

How many feet long and wide is 1 acre of land?

1 acre is equal to 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards. The length and width can have any value.

Length and width of 40 acres?

The 4 sides of a rectangular 40 acre parcel total one mile. Therefore the length and width of a square 40 acre parcel would each be 1320 feet (5280/4).

My house lot size is 40 x 125 is that consider one fourth of an acre?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet40' x 125' = 5,000 square feet = 0.115 acre (rounded)That's 11.48% of an acre . . . less than 1/8 of an acre.1/4 acre = 10,890 square feet. If a lot is a 1/4-acre rectangle,then its length and width multiply to produce 10,890 .The 'acre fraction' of any rectangle is(length in feet) times (width in feet)/43,560

How do you figure number of acres when you have length and width of a plot?

One acre = 4840 square yards, or (4840 x 9) square feet.

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