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Area = length x width, so length = area/width = 116/4 = 29 yds

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29 yards

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Q: What is the length of a rectangle if the area is 116 sq yds and the width is 4 yds?
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What is the length and width of a rectangle with an area of 116 square meters?

There are many possibilities with out knowing its width, length or any other useful information.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 232 inches The length exceeds it by 68 inches Find the length and width?

Do-it-in-your-head method: 1. Length + width is half the perimeter ie 116 in 2. 116 minus 68 is 48, half of 48 is 24 which is the width, making the length 92 in

The perimeter of a retangle is 260 inches the length exceeds the width by 58 inches what would the length and width be?

The perimeter can be written as 2x + 2y = P where the x is length and y is width we know that y = x + 58 so 2y = 2x + 116 2x + 2x + 116 = 260 4x=148 x=37 37+58=95 y=95

A gym is 116 feet long nad has an area of 6960 what is the width?


The perimeter of a rectangle is 116 cm The base is thirteen more than two times the base What is the area?

645 sq cm.

What is the diagonal of a 40 x 100 rectangle?


What is the perimeter a the rectangle18 feet 40 feet?

The distance around or Perimeter of a Rectangle is equal to the sum of the length of the 4 sides.18' + 40' + 18' + 40' = 116'

What is the perimeter of an area of 116 hectares?

Any length equal to or greater than 4308.132 metres. 116 hectares = 1 160 000 metres2 This area can be contained in any rectangle such that L*W = 1 160 000 m2 where L and W are its length and width. L and W cannot be smaller than sqrt(1160000) m = 1077.033 m when the perimeter would be 4*1077.033 m = 4308.132 m But you can increase the length to 1160m (W = 1000m) and perimeter = 4320 m or double L to 2320 m, W = 500 m and P = 5640 m or double L again to 4640 m, W = 250 m and P = 9780 m When L = 1 160 000 m and W = 1 m, P = 2 320 002 m But you can continue increasing L forever.

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The area of Ineu is 116 square kilometers.

What is the area of Thuan An?

The area of Thuan An is 116 square kilometers.

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