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About a meter.

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no it is 5 feet

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Q: What is the length of one BIG step in metric units?
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Is one meter as big as the length of one big step?

One meter is roughly as big as one big step for a large person. For those not yet on the metric system, a meter is about a yard long, actually closer to 39 inches, so one yard plus 3 inches.

What is the length of one big step?

Usually three feet.

How big are fruit bats?

The Bare-backed fruit bat of Australia is around 30cm in length.

Do astronomers and astrophysicists now predominantly use the metric system of measurement - when time itself is not divisible by ten - not metric?

Yes, the predominant units are all still metric, although cosmologists exploring the earliest instants after the big bang often use units of planck time instead, but this of course is still based on the metric system. +++ The only other two units of time relevant in Astronomy and Geology are the Year and the second, and the Years are counted as indivisible although the second may be divided into its milli- and smaller divisions for particular calculations.

What would be a reasonable metric unit to use to measure the length of a bacterium?

meters There is no special unit for the size of bacteria, so traditional systems of length are used. As most people who care about bacteria enough to measure them are scientists, and most scientists use metric (the better to understand each other), the metric system is used. Now, the basic unit of length in the metric system is a meter, but that is much to big to measure a bacterium with. Conveniently, metric units come with a series of prefixes to express multiples or fraction of a unit (you may know of centimeters, which are hundredths of a meter, and kilometers, which are a thousand meters) In general, bacteria will be measured in micrometers, which is to say millionths of a meter. In general, a bacterium will measure anywhere from one to ten nanometers.

How big is 200 hectares in meters?

A hectare is a unit of area. A metre is a unit of length. The two units are therefore incompatible.

What is the length of one BIG step in the US Customary system?

"one direction"

How big is 0.255 in Sq ft?

It depends on the units used in 0.255 - whethr it is 0.255 sq miles, 0.255 sq inches, a metric measure of area or something else.

How big is 32 square feet in feet?

A foot is a unit of length. A square foot is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

What is big 38 23 1924?

Assuming that the three figures given are the length, breadth and height of a cuboid, it has a volume of 1681576 cubic units.

How big is a 16 x 16 cake?

16 units of length by 16 units of length - and unspecified height! So basically, you have no idea. Additional info: 16 inches wide by 16 inches long by how every tall you want to make it (within reason) it might be slightly larger to account for icing.

How big would half inch in diameter be in the metric units?

Half an inch equals exact 1.27 centimeters.