What is the math sign for undefined?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The mathematical symbol for "undefined" is the infinity symbol.

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Q: What is the math sign for undefined?
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What does undefined mean in math terms?

it means that there is no number that is equal to the euqation

Is it true that there is only one right answer to a math sentence?

Yes, it is true. There have been cases of undefined answers to math questions, though.

Is there Math term starting U?

yes Union Unit Undefined Upsilon Uniform Unbound

What is the answer for 10 divide by 0?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

What does math involve?

math ha these sign in it so it involves these sign +, =, $, %, # and more.......

How do you simplify 1069 divided by 0?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

Is 99 divided 25 an undefined math problem?


An undefined term cannot be used in a theorem?

True but do your math! we all know your using Odyssey ware lol

What is the name of minus sign in math?

A subtraction sign.

What is an attribute in math?

a sign

What is a sign of a sum in math?


What does it mean when a math problem is undefined?

When a math problem's answer is "undefined", that means that it's an impossible answer, such as 3/0. A number can't be divided by zero because 3/0, as a word problem, would be, "How many times does zero go into three?" Since there is no real answer, they just call it undefined. Note that it can only happen with division problems, and not multiplication, addition or subtraction problems, since 3*0 is 0, 3+0 is 3 and 3-0 is 3. An undefined answer can also be in linear equations, if the line is flat (horizontal), then the slope is 0, or undefined. Simplified answer: if any number is divided by zero, it is undefined, even 0/0. In equations with slopes and lines (linear equations), if a line is horizontal, it's slope is undefined.