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Complementary angles consist of 2 angles that add up to 90 degrees; so the complimentary angle to a 31 degree angle is a 59 degree angle.

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Q: What is the measure of the complementary angle to a 31 degrees angle?
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What is the angle that measure that is complementary to the angle 59 degrees?

90-59 = 31 degrees

An angle measures 31 degrees What is the measure of its supplement?

A supplement of an angle is the angle that we add to the initial angle and have a result of 180 degrees. The supplement of 31 degrees is 180-31=149 degrees.

The measure of an angle is 28 degrees greater than its complement find the measure of each angle?

Suppose the larger angle is x degrees. Then the smaller angle is x - 2 degrees, and so they sum to 2x - 28 degrees. The two angles are complementary, so 2x - 28 = 90 is 2x = 90 + 28 = 118 so that x = 118/2 = 59 degrees and then x - 29 = 59 - 28 = 31 degrees. The two angles are 59 and 31 degrees.

A tangent-tangent angle intercepts two arcs that measure 149 and 211 What is the measure of the tangent-tangent angle?

31 degrees

What is the measure of an angle supplementary to an angle that measures 101 degrees?

Supplementary angles are angles that add up to 180 degrees, ie. a straight angle. Therefore, the angle supplementary to 101 degrees would be 180-101=79 degrees.

What is the measure of one interior angle of a regular convex 31 gon?

180 degrees

What angle measures 310?

It is an angle whose measure is 310/360 =31/36 of a full rotation.

What is the measure of an arc that is intercepted by an inscribed angle of 31 degrees?

That will depend on the circumference of the circle which has not been given

What angle is 31 degrees?


What is the measure of one interior angle of regular 31-gon?

It is: 168 degrees 23 minutes 13.55 seconds

What is an measure of the interior of a 31-gon?

An interior angle of a 31-gon can have any value in the range (0, 360) degrees - excluding 180 degrees. The only limitation is that the sum of the interior angles is 5220 degrees.

A supplementary angle to a 31 degree angle has a measure of what degree?

180-31=149 149 degree angle

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