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A non-integer.

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Q: What is the opposite word for the integer number?
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What is the opposite of a whole number?

An Integer

What would be an example of a sentence using the word integer?

Here are a few: An integer is a counting number, or a whole number. If you have a negative counting number, zero, or a positive counting number, you have an integer, and any integer will be a member of one of those three sets of numbers. Zero is the only integer that is neither positive or negative. Each integer (except zero) has a compliment with an opposite sign.

What is the opposite word for the prime number?

A composite number is a number that has more divisors than 1 and itself.

Why you add an integer's opposite when you are subtracting integers?

Because that is how the opposite of a number is defined.

If a number is a whole number does that mean its opposite is an integer?

technically speaking yes the opposite of 5 is -5

Do integers have to have an opposite or just be a positive or negative number?

An integer is just a whole number, excluding zero. Any positive integer will always have an opposite just by placing a negative sign in front of the positive integer. You can also say that any negative whole number is an integer.

What is the opposite of any integer?

The additive opposite of the additive opposite is the number itself. The multiplicative opposite of the multiplicative opposite is the number itself, unless the number was 0, in which case the first opposite is not defined.

What is the opposite integer of 4?

The opposite integer of 4 is -4?

What integer is the opposite of -6?

That depends on how you define "opposite." It could be -6, or 1/6 or something that isn't a number.

What are numbers and their opposites?

A whole number is called an integer. The opposite of a whole number is a negative integer. An example would be 4 and -4.

Is an integer is always a natural number?

An integer is a positive number or its opposite. Meaning 8.9 is not an integer but 8.0 is, an integer has to be a whole number, positive or negative! You're welcome... :) <3 'peace an blessins, peace an blessins'! GLOZELL

If a number is a counting number or the opposite of a counting number then is it an integer?

A counting number is the numbers you lear as a little kid, counting numbers are one and up. Integers include the counting numbers, 0, and the opposite (negative) of counting numbers. So yes, a counting number or the opposite of a counting number is an integer.