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It is the point, denoted by (0,0) from which all distances are measured. They are measured in a pair or orthogonal directions, that is, two directions that are perpendicular to each other. Conventionally, one is termed horizontal and the measure of the distance along that direction is denoted by x. The other axis is termed vertical and measures along it are denoted by y.

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The x and y axes intersect at right angles at the origin which is at (0, 0) on the Cartesian plane.

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Q: What is the origin in the Cartesian coordinate system?
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What is the distance between the origin of a cartesian coordinate system and the point 5 8?


Who discovered cartesian coordinate system?

The Cartesian Coordinate System was discovered by Rene Descartes.

What is the distance between the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system and the point -5 -8?


What are the parts of Cartesian Coordinate System?

The parts of a cartesian coordinate system include the origin (point 0,0), the x-axis or abscissa, the y-axis or ordinate, and the quadrants into which the x and y axes divide the plane.

Can the cartesian coordinate system have 3 dimensions?

Yes and its imaginary axis is z. ============================ I have a 3-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system with all three axes real. Its origin is the point where the floor and two walls of my bedroom meet.

What is the cartesian coordinate system used for?

Cartesian coordinate system is used for map making, GPA for cars.

The vertical axis in a Cartesian coordinate system?

The z axis in the vertical axis in the Cartesian Coordinate System.

The point where the two axes of a cartesian coordinate system meet is called?

It is called The Origin. You can go to and get more information on The Origin.

When was the Cartesian Coordinate System invented?

The Cartesian coordinate system was invented in the 17th century. The idea of this system was developed in 1637.

Who was named after cartesian coordinate system?

I am not sure that anyone was named AFTER the Cartesian coordinate system. Malcolm X, possibly!

What 3-D is in relation to the Cartesian coordinate system?

The Cartesian coordinate system can be used in 3 or more dimensions.

What is other name of rectangular coordinate system?

Cartesian coordinate system.