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Q: What is the perimeter and area of a 4ft by 6ft rectangle?
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How do you find the perimeter for 4ft 10in plus 6ft 4in?

Perimeter = 2*(4ft 10in+6ft 4in) = 22ft 4in

Find the perimeter 6ft 4ft 5ft 4ft 6ft 4ft 5ft 4ft?

6+4+5+4+6+4+5+4 = 12 + 10 + 16 = 38. 38ft.

What has an area of 18 sq feet and a perimeter of 18 feet?

The simplest shape is a 6ft*3 ft rectangle.

What is the area length 6ft width 4ft height 2.5ft?

the answer is 48.5

What is the surface area of a cylinder with a height of 4ft and radius of 6ft?

The surface area is 377ft2

What is the ne area for 12 ft long rectangle with the perimeter of 40 and is made 6ft longer?

If the rectangle is 12 feet long and has a perimeter of 40, then the height must be 8. If it is made 6 feet longer, it will have a length of 18 and a height of 8. The new area will be 144.

What is the surface are of a cylinder with a height of 4ft and radius of 6ft?

The surface area of this cylinder is 376.99ft2

What is the area of a rectangle which has a width of 6ft and the length of 8ft?

would think you say 6ft*8ft = 48ft^2formel:If a rectangle has length l and width wit has area A = lw,

How to calculate rectangle area square meter?

Rectangle area, square metre = (rectangle length, metre) x (rectangle width, metre)

What is the perimeter and area of a figure with length of 9ft and width of 6ft?

If you assume that the area in question is a rectangle, then Perimeter = 2*(L+ B) = 2*(9 + 6) = 2*15 = 30 feet Area = L*B = 9*6 = 54 square feet

Minimum bathroom size?

4ft by 6ft

What is 6ft by 5ft rectangle?

a 6ft by 5ft rectangle is a 6 feet by 5 feet rectangle.

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